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Better Habits

We began a back-to-school fall series last weekend, STAY POSITIVE. If you missed the first message, check out the recorded version on our Journey website or Journey app. If you are not sure how to do this just give us a call at the Journey office (235-8449) and we can help walk you through the process.

We received numerous comments and feedback from part one, all about OPTIMISM. This weekend in our worship gathering in person and on-line we explore the next topic in the series, how to be more GRATEFUL. Maybe we need a little boost right now as in person schools are on delay and virtual classes set to begin in our local community next week.

This is not the start of school any of us expected or wanted for the fall. We have to decide how to respond and react to disappointment. We can complain like everyone else about everything wrong. Or, we can choose to be optimistic and even GRATEFUL when lots of smart people are working hard every day searching for solutions to education, sports, and healthy protocols for kids and teachers.

Connie and I just returned from a few days with friends in the mountains of Colorado. Connie looked at me last week and said, “You look rested.” This short vacation did wonders for my attitude and emotional state of mind after months of COVID19. Connie and I would both encourage you to find a few days to safely retreat somewhere for refreshment and renewed spirits.

I have returned prepared and more ready than ever for this new series, STAY POSITIVE. Many good people are constantly finding ways to help us pivot and innovate, while making life more possible during COVID19. Better days are just around the corner; we are better together.

This might be a good time to make another list. You know, listing things you are grateful for in this pandemic time. Have you considered how blessed we are when we have a roof over our heads. There are a lot of people still trying to recover in Lake Charles, Louisiana from Hurricane Laura and the destruction to property.

Today, I choose to be more grateful for my house and a roof above my bed. I hope you will do the same. We invite you to join us this weekend at Journey Community Christian Church as we find Biblical inspiration for STAYING POSITIVE, no matter what!

If you are traveling to the lake or campsite for a long Labor Day weekend enjoy each moment of God’s glory in creation. Laugh more, eat more, and be together more with the ones you love. If we miss you, just can catch the recorded version of our weekend message whenever convenient. For everyone else, in town this weekend, we look forward to greeting you again like a family who comes together for a meal. See you in person or online real soon.

Better attitudes lead to better habits. Blessings to everyone, everywhere.

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