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Staying Encouraged

How are you doing so far? After six months of restrictive COVID19 protocol and delays of our life before a pandemic, would you say you are staying positive, or more often, give in to personal discouragement? The experts now tell our mental health is as important as our concern about the virus.

Everybody I know has their own COVID19 story of challenges and adjustments. We all have some skin in this game; we’ve had to give up things we normally enjoy. Even if this is only temporary during medical trials for therapeutics and vaccines, it has seemed like a hundred years in a few short months.

Fear can begin to dominate our concerns. We are just people and our thoughts can become absorbed with constant “what-if” questions. We are all better together. With this in mind, Journey is currently presenting a message series with you in mind.

This weekend at JOURNEY COMMUNITY CHRISTIAN CHURCH we’ll explore together how to stay ENCOURAGED. So far, we’ve looked at topics titled how to stay OPTIMISTIC and how to be GRATEFUL. If you missed either of these helpful messages from the Bible, they are always available on our Journey website and Journey app any time for you to check out.

Mark Twain once said, “I have been through some terrible things in life, some of which actually happened.” If this sounds like you during COVID19, our series has some really relevant words and Bible passages to help each day. We are praying every day for you. I promise you prayers really do make a difference. If you have a specific prayer request just post them on our Bible app PRAYER WALL or send us a message.

We really are better together; we’ll get through this with God and each other. Even on days we battle anxious thoughts, our God is nearby to bring us new hope and peace for each moment. It is a daily choice we make to choose faith and push back our fear. Let Journey be a part of your support system by joining us in-person or online each weekend for worship gathering.

Remain optimistic and grateful for our God who loves us. For those who want a little teaser verse from this weekend: “But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called ‘Today…’ ” Hebrews 3:13

Praying God will prompt us all to encourage one another and ourselves; we got this. Looking forward to sharing a POSITIVE message with you on the weekend. Tell everyone you see today the reason you are smiling is that our God is an ENCOURAGING God!

Go God.

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