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“The preacher, the groom and the best man were out in the hallway, waiting for the wedding to begin. The groom was acting unusually, nervous and agitated. He kept pacing back and forth and wringing his hands. Finally the preacher became so concerned about him he asked: “Son, what’s the matter? Have you lost the ring?” And the young groom replied: “No sir, I’ve lost my enthusiasm.”

We are in this together; 2020 is not going to win. Many of us feel as though we’ve slipped a bit, losing some enthusiasm for current life circumstances. This weekend I invite you to join us again for our back to school series, STAYING POSITIVE. This weekend we’ll take a look at helpful inspiration from the Bible for discovering more enthusiasm.

Every day life may be filled with mundane tasks and chores to be performed, often without much enthusiasm. We have grass to mow again, laundry to fold again, and meals to prepare again. Someone said, “There are two types of people: those who let their environment dictate their enthusiasm; those who let their enthusiasm dictate their environment.” Stay positive!

Since March of 2020 many are having to perform their work and tasks during COVID19 guidelines; wearing masks, socially distancing, and repeatedly washing our hands. We have said, “I am fatigued by it all, when will it end?” Now, everyone is faced with repeated delays in school restarting for in person classes during the fall semester. Teachers, students, and parents are making real time adjustments each day; partial virtual school, partial in person classes with restrictions. Stay Positive.

After months of CDC protocol and uncertainty we could all use a little positivity. God bless you, everyone. You, who are going to work, making plans for school and following healthy precautions, whatever that looks like. We will get through this; God is bigger than our pandemic problems. We are better together. Stay positive.

This weekend, join us again in person for Journey worship gathering if you are ready. We are ready for you. We have taken extra measures each week to insure your safety. As always, you can also follow us online with FB livestream Sat@6pm and Sun@10:30am.

Remember, Saturday, September 26th, 7pm following our Saturday service is our annual picnic right here at the Journey location. We have catered a safe, delicious meal which includes a menu with pulled pork, beans and coleslaw, and a delightful SURPRISE dessert.

Join us in person or online at Journey Community Christian Church. We are better together. We are helping each other STAY POSITIVE. Thank you for your prayers, resources, and staying connected and engaged with our Journey mission to help others.

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