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You Got This...

By now, maybe all of us are struggling with a lack of confidence in one area or another? Who hasn’t already thought, “I’m not good at this virtual classroom instruction.” Most parents and their children are battling through daily and weekly changes in the manner local school instruction is happening. Every school seems to be different and it changes overnight when someone tests positive.

It has certainly been stressful times in the 2020 pandemic world for months now. The good news, progress is being made. We are gradually seeing more and more options for safely reopening our world for more people. I do not want to diminish your personal questions regarding health issues. We all have different levels of comfort in the world today. It’s ok to not be ok. Let us know how to pray for your biggest hurdles.

Last night, Connie and I were watching an episode of the sitcom, “Everybody loves Raymond.” In this episode Robert, the older brother (who is a policeman) loses his confidence following an accident on the job and a long hospitalization. When he returns to active duty several months later, confronted with a potential dangerous situation, he freezes up. This anxiety he feels causes him to temporarily quit the police force. His family is shocked because he is a great police officer.

Robert angrily responds, “Nobody knows what danger might be lurking, just around the corner.” He had lost his verve as a policeman facing unseen danger every day. We too can lose our confidence in our ability to push away the fear in times like these. Fortunately, Raymond was able to coax his older brother to face his fear and return to the sight of the incident. The sitcom ended well as Robert with the help of his younger brother conquered his fear and anxiety, returning to active duty, protecting local citizens.

We can choose to STAY POSITIVE, facing our fears, pushing back anxiousness. Sometimes we need moral support like a younger brother who affirms, we can do this. We are better together. This weekend at Journey worship gathering we wrap up our back-to-school series, STAY POSITIVE.

In our final lesson we’ll discover relevant Bible direction for keeping our CONFIDENCE. If you have been thinking about trying in-person services again soon this might be just the right weekend to find renewed energy and positivity. We continue to practice healthy CDC guidelines, staying 6 feet apart and washing our hands often. If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask while inside Journey, we encourage you to do so.

If you are not ready or are just unavailable to join us in person this weekend certainly try our livestream, now available BOTH on FB livestream and our Journey website live. If you have had difficulty getting the FB livestream without interruptions, try the website: journeychurchsite.org We had great feedback that the website streaming was a good experience.

We really can do this, we have God who is with us through everything. We’ve got God and each other, everything we need. Keep repeating, we are better together. Faith eats fear for breakfast. What if the best answer for our world is not more self-confidence but growing more God confidence.

Hoping to see you in person or online for Journey weekend. You got this….

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