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This is the time of year schools are handing out awards, scholarships, recognition for students, teachers, athletes, academics, and families. Way to go, everyone who is being recognized; you are deserving for hard work and job well done. Being honored by our peers and community is quite an honor to enjoy. Hats off to everyone.

Appropriately, this weekend we celebrate Mother’s Day at Journey Community Christian Church. I will be sharing another Bible message from our current series, God did WHAT? This lesson will help us better understand God’s tender side. The real God of the Bible has strong feelings for you and I, like MOM and her children.

God will do almost anything to get our attention and to show us He loves people just like us. You might be surprised to discover that the God in the Bible is willing to express emotions for us to know Him better. Once God CRIED in the Bible. Once, when Jesus friend, Lazarus had died. Another time Jesus wept over the destruction of the city of Jerusalem.

God cares about people. He cares about each individual. He cares about every city and town. He cares about you; like mom, who cares about her children. Join us this weekend Journey Sat@6pm/Sun@10:30am. INVITE your mom to join us inside or online.

Journey has once again planned some special treats and surprises for you and MOM for Mother’s Day weekend. Our Journey coffee bar is providing those favorite cinnamon bites we enjoyed at Easter courtesy of Domino’s. Each mom will also receive a Mother’s Day gift as they leave. In addition we’ve set up a photo booth for you and MOM to capture a picture. And memory of your Mother’s Day 2021.

Mom is most deserving of all the attention we can possibly provide during this time each year. It’s nice to be nice. Join us either Saturday or Sunday, in person or online at Journey Church, and hey: Let’s INVITE MOM! We will partner and help you express appreciation to all MOM’s and their influence in lives.

We are all better PEOPLE, because of MOM. WAY TO Go MOM!

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