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I imagine we have all had a bad day when nothing seemed to go right? Maybe we are working on some type of home remodel summer project with a limited budget. Suddenly we discover behind a wall taken down is a costly repair that is essential and urgent. In life it can often feel like, two steps forward, three steps back!

This weekend at Journey Community Christian Church we begin a new 5 week summer series, Knowing God! Have you given much consideration, What is God Like? We know a lot of information about a lot of topics. People are constantly researching everything from brain surgery to space exploration. We are the most informed people who ever lived. What do we know about God?

History has forever written about God. What then should we really know? Journey Church, like many churches is beginning to grow again. We are seeing new people and returning people and never before met in person people.

This would be a great summer series to help Journey grow even more. Try blocking some time over the next few weeks to INVITE a friend, family or new acquaintance. Inform them you are here discovering more about God and how to experience God each day.

If you are wondering how to make the INVITE just make it simple. Just be you. We are all just people. We’re not Jesus. Being real and authentic in our own struggles at times; searching for insights from the Bible to better understand and relate to God is the best approach.

Open the playbook a bit so others might see how you trust God each day. Explain, just like a summer project and home makeover our private and personal lives need some needed repairs and attention. Church is vital and helpful for everyone. Together we can discover, hidden behind walls, damaged structures, needing repairs. This may be the result of unhealthy decisions we’ve made. Also damages occur in our private affairs from others, who harm us in some way. Hurt people, hurt people.

We are better together. Sooner or later everyone will ask, “Does God love me or is He mad at me?” This weekend we explore God in the Bible who is BOTH, Grace & Wrath. If this discussion has caught your interest join us this weekend for more. INVITE a seat buddy to check things out. Tell them most people enjoy it so much, they want to come back again.

Let’s do this.

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