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Change is in the air. Today, outside temperatures in Kentucky rose to 64 degrees this afternoon. Almost all our snow and ice has melted. Before this week we had below freezing temperatures day and night for most of February. It has been a brutal winter 2021 period for almost everyone, coast to coast. Our Southern neighbors in Texas may have gotten the worst of it with power failure through the state and frozen water pipes for so many.

I celebrated after lunch by taking our 2 Chihuahua dogs for their first walk in the city park since last fall. They were overjoyed (So were Connie and I ) after being trapped inside the house for months. In spite of recent historic triple winter storms, things are looking good ahead of us. Spring arrives right on time March 20th; just 24 days. Daylight Savings Time also returns Sunday, March 14th signaling more sunshine.

This weekend at Journey Community Christian Church we explore another outline from the Bible in 1 John 5. Our current winter series titled, Assured, Certain things, I am certain about is helping all of us find needed positivity and confidence in our world of continued health concerns. We are nearing the one year mark when COVID19 uncertainty began to unfold.

What began in our nation March 2020 as two weeks of CDC guidelines for healthy practices to “lower the curve” and spread of infections, still lingers even with vaccines. The pandemic, isolation, school and business closures, on top of historic consecutive winter storms has left many feeling emotionally depleted and fatigued.

The Good News I share today: we are making progress! Churches, small business, schools, daycares, hospitals, nursing homes, and everyday places are beginning to find a healthy rhythm of activity again. One thing clearly we have all learned, isolation, though sometimes needed, is never a replacement for being together.

I invite you to join us this weekend in our worship gathering in person and online. Since last April, 2020 we have been offering both in person and digital worship times. Most every one who joined us months ago in person, still join us safely, 6 feet apart, each Journey weekend = Sat@6pm & Sun@10:30am. If you are ready to return safely in person, we are ready for you.

This weekend I share a positive message with is sure to boost our energy. As the TV commercial says: “Life comes at you fast!” The past COVID19 year has felt something like a NASCAR race where cars seem to smash together at every turn. Nothing we planned to do seemed to work out. No one could schedule anything beyond 24 hours. Our normal world has been interrupted. We have been making adjustments like race cars blowing an engine or needing new tires. We’ve all had to take some part of our life into the garage for a major overhaul.

I have more Good News: we have the right fuel to win the race and get the checkered flag. We are just people like cars are just cars. Cars have to have the right fuel. So do people like us. Faith is our fuel which promises us a victory.

This might be the weekend at Journey Church which helps get you back onto the track. Hop online or join us inside. We have all discovered by now, how true, WE ARE BETTER TOGETHER.

Best News: Easter is just 5 weeks away. Wow… great time for people to make a Jesus decision for baptism. Let us know if we can schedule YOURS!

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