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Last week in my Thursday blog , I highlighted author and speaker Bob Goff. Two of our current small groups are using his book, Dream Big for their discussion. The author explains the three most important questions in reaching dreams and ambitions are: Who Are You? Where Are You? What Do You Want? Once again, I recommend this book for anyone wanting to get things started for future success.

The author devotes three chapters to these three questions. The chapter titled, WHO are you? is devoted to clarifying what makes us tick? We are urged to figure out what makes us passionate about life? Bob stated, “You’ve got to figure out who you are before you can decide who you are going to be.”

The next chapter, titled, WHERE are you? Is designed, not so much about geography, but emotionally, are you committed to a clear plan for reaching your ambitious dreams? Bob states, “Life can be delightfully wonderful, and it can also be punishably difficult. If you want to fast-track your ambitions, get real about where you are right now.”

In the following chapter, WHAT do you want? Bob asks, “We need to decide if our ambition is still worth it.” Once we clearly establish an ambition, strong headwinds with potential discouragement may come our way. “We need to find ambitions worthy of our time and the effort it will take to pursue them.”

This weekend at Journey Church Cynthiana we continue our series, LIVING BEYOND MYSELF. Those three important questions from Bob Goff can be the background for our discussion this weekend. This weekend in part three of the series I am urging everyone, Just Dive In, get your feet wet. This is a worthy ambition for our time, talent, and treasure each day.

Giving Jesus' Way a first time try feels something like standing on the edge of a high diving board at the local swimming pool. For the best sort of splash and late summer cool-down refreshment, we must take a leap of faith, diving in.

We may never know how good God can be, until we risk it, diving in with others, with a little gusto = Go God! Go Journey Church Cynthiana! “Taste and see that the LORD is good…” Psalm 34:8

If you are new at Journey Church or been here a long time, you’ll agree, plenty of our friendly buddies are everywhere inside Journey Church, always encouraging new people. We can guide you to take your first test drive, become a volunteer, try it… JUMP… JUMP… JUMP!

If you are ready to make your Jesus decision complete and be baptized, let us help. I promise the water is warm, easy for anyone to step into. Let’s schedule your time for this decision. It can be at one of our weekend services or a private baptism anytime during the week.

Make the INVITE to others. Everyone likes to be noticed for something good. Journey is the sort of place all your friends will feel welcomed. We are meeting new people almost every weekend, again. Most are returning and sticking around for more. This really is the sort of place where lots of people have fun and enjoy their experience.

Tell everyone, some things in life we’ll never know how GOOD they are until we jump in!

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