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The guy in the parking lot just nailed it. He said, “We had waited and wanted summer to get here so badly, it went quickly.” After last summer and so many limitations with health concerns, most everyone jumped at the chance to get outside. I hope you and your family have been able enjoy a special memory together from our summer 2021.

Now that schools are preparing to reopen in our community next week, Journey Church is staging an event to help. We are inviting kids and families to The Pocket Park, Main Street in Cynthiana this Saturday, August 7th. We have FREE haircuts, food, and back to school items from 11am-3pm. If you know someone with children who need a little trim or makeover send them downtown Cynthiana this Saturday.

If this event for families and children interest you, come and be a volunteer. If you want to make a donation, message me and I let you know what we might still need. The weather looks terrific and there is a buzz in our community that something cool is being planned downtown. Good news can be contagious also. It’s nice to be nice.

Thanks to everyone who is volunteering for this event and making donations. Journey is a church of volunteers who make everything happen. You guys are the best at making a difference in this community for the underserved people around us each day. Nearly every day someones story is better because Journey Church became involved. We are better together.

Also, this weekend I have asked Bryan Martinez our Youth/family Minister to share a back-to-school message which might inspire everyone. This is a terrific opportunity for everyone at Journey Church to hear from Bryan. He has a passion for kids and families and their success before school relaunches. Make plans to join us and bring a seat buddy. Our in person audience continues to grow new faces. Bryan is a terrific speaker and you will be blessed to know him better.

Finally, continue to pray for all concerns in the world. Last year, as school was restarting amid COVID19 health concerns we asked everyone to pray for nearby schools, bus drivers, cooks, custodians, teachers, students, and parents. Will you consider this again for 2021 restart in a few days. Just drive through the parking lot of a school near you, pause and pray for the people and every activity which happens on that campus.

Prayer every day really matters. Jesus changes everything in our world for the better. Trust God even more. God is good, even when our nearby and distant world is shaken. Pray for more grace and peace to everyone.

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