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Bobby's Thursday Blog

"Be Real...Be You."

In a small group discussion last night with some guys, we admitted something. Each of us agreed it is really hard to be consistent; frequently we are guilty of duplicity. We can say we are doing something but end up doing something else. None of us are proud of inconsistency and we admit it is a daily battle. As one guy put it, “We’re human.”

We all need more Jesus. Maybe everyone reading this blog would agree. Still, it helps to know we’re all a work in progress and God is not finished with us. Our best days can still be in front of us; our past does not define us. Our relationship with Jesus defines us all.

So can I ask this probing question? What is it that God really expects from each of us every day? If it is not perfection, (nobody gets it right all the time) what is it He wants from us? May I be so bold as to make this simple? I believe God wants our honesty.

We all need something to practice more honesty; something like the Apostle Paul in the Bible, admitting we can’t do this (living a purpose filled life; becoming a better version of ourselves) alone. We need help; everyone struggles with sin. “What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body of death? Thanks be to God – through Jesus Christ our Lord!” Romans 7:24-25 NIV

We’re like a sports team who has a good game followed by a bad game. It’s pretty hard to keep the game of life at its highest level. It takes practice and coaching and teamwork. We’re in this thing together. I just prayed for a friend who recently lost a child to drug overdose. What can you say to that person? I simply said, “Come inside, let people love on you. Everybody needs it.”

That’s simple Church. It really is a blueprint for all of us to follow. Love God and love people. God wants our obedience and faithfulness. When we’ve forgotten what really matters and wandered a bit, recalculate, come inside and let God love on you through Jesus. He really is for everybody. Not everybody knows. We have to tell everybody.

This weekend is a stand-alone lesson from a few of Jesus words in Matthew and Luke of the Bible. It’s not a secret what God expects. He just wants us to do Bible stuff. God expects us to be real. Join us this weekend and bring a Journey guest. Christmas is the easiest time of year to invite someone who doesn’t go to any Church.

Journey could be just the kind of Church they have searched for. Thanks for spreading the Word. Small Churches still make a big impact. Go God!

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