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Be Your Best

Whether you're rich and famous or very pedestrian and average, be the best version every day of YOU! The young guy who picks up my smelly garbage each week at the end of the driveway is friendly. I am impressed each time I see him. Sometimes, I am taking out trash when he pulls up. This guy has a million dollar smile on his face and a friendly hello every time. Rain or shine, he seems to have a gift.

Wow, I wish I knew him better. Even, if it meant getting beyond the smelly garbage truck he drives to work each day. Haven’t you met people, who, despite their situation, made you just smile? They are determined to find a silver lining in every cloud. That’s the sort of people we really admire. They make the most of each opportunity given in life, big and small.

This weekend at Journey Church we take another look at Titus in the Bible. He is another young man who made lemonade from lemons. His mentor, the Apostle Paul, gave him an opportunity filled with challenges. He had to straighten things out in small churches who had the wrong leaders in place. Not a job many people would line up for these days.

Leading others, relating to people with diverse backgrounds is never easy, nor certain. Maybe you are in a tenuous situation right now as a result of circumstances in our world. Maybe you have increasing “what if” questions arising? I am sure you are hoping for some relief. I hear your anxiousness.

Never lose hope. God is with us today. I am not an Apple Genius who can help you at the local Apple Store. I am a loyal friend who has discovered, over and over, after years and years, and decades and decades, God is bigger than our problem. As the KLOVE song, RATTLE by Elevation worship plays right now in the background at Journey Church, as I write these words, I am reminded, “Since when has impossible ever stopped You.”

Join us this weekend at Journey Community Christian Church. We are better together when making life decisions. God, who is able to help us make the best of things each day will join us. It’s His forever promise, “Where two or more are gathered, in His name,” Matthew 18:20.

This weekend our fall series, VITAL CHURCH from Titus in the Bible will guide our thoughts for being our BEST each day. Like the guy who picks up my trash each week. Join us for worship at Journey Sat@6pm/Sun@10:30am. Step through the Journey front door or hop online and join virtual, either way.

Don’t worry about anything. Running a little late, can’t find clean socks. Just wear flip flops. It’s going to be a nice weather weekend. Just show up and expect God to take care of the rest. We are better together.

Trust me, He helps us become our best version, always.

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