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Being My Best

No one sets out to be average and mediocre. We all would like to perform at our highest level. Still, we’re not Jesus. On our best days we feel like we might accomplish nearly anything. On our worst days, we wish we had stayed in bed longer. Sometimes it’s not easy trying to manage unruly thoughts and behavior.

People are just people. We’re not Jesus. I saw this posted on Facebook from one of our Texas friends. She is a young mom with small children. You probably know where this is going. Here is her recent post: “Belle woke with a big bad attitude this morning. I told her she needed to change it. She started crying and said, ‘I can’t, it’s stuck!’ ”

If you are feeling like you’ve developed a really bad attitude - and now it’s stuck, this weekend worship at Journey Church Cynthiana may help. Part two from our current winter series, JAMES, dives into what faith that produces positive results looks like.

Right now the entire state of Kentucky is under a Winter Storm Watch/Warning as ice, sleet and snow are approaching the Bluegrass. We’ve just been through this scenario a few days ago with snow and ice. Today, February, 2nd is Groundhog Day. We’ve been hoping for early Spring. Good luck.

When I read morning news that the famous New Jersey weather groundhog, Milltown Mel had died just days before Groundhog Day, I knew it was a bad sign. Even Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, meaning six more weeks of winter.

More winter to come. It’s enough to give anyone a big bad attitude. Perpetual winter storms that never leave? Does this describe your life 2021/2022? If this is sounding like you or someone you know, consider joining us in person or online Journey Sat@6pm and Sun@10:30am. I promise you will walk away feeling more confident whatever the weather may bring our way.

If you want a little sneak peak, we take a look at 3 key steps for developing our best attitude - best version of ourselves. We will explore James Ch. 2 and discover stronger, beefier, and bigger muscle faith which is possible for everyone.

Weather permitting let’s join forces this weekend at Journey Community Christian Church. We are better together.

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