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Better Grip

I just returned from the nearby tire store. I am a little lighter on my left hip pocket side; ouch! Why do necessary things cost so much. My old tire treads had worn thin a lot quicker than expected. I had assumed they would take me safely through another winter. It was not to be.

Replacing worn out essentials is a love/hate affair. I am so glad that new tires today are high mileage and have gripping power on the roadway during all seasons. They are so expensive though. What isn’t?

I still remember when none of our tires were a matching set. Often, we bought a used tire, one at a time, out of necessity. This was all we could afford. Eventually a used tire couldn’t be plugged or repaired with a tube. Then you broke down and bought the cheapest tire on a rack at a gas station. One new tire was an upgrade.

This weekend at Journey Church we dive back into our current series, FAITHFUL. This week in part two we’ll check things out with Jacob & 12 sons. How would you like to buy groceries today for those hungry faces? If you are the kind that likes to read ahead check out Genesis 37:1-36.

Last weekend we discovered that establishing priorities is something we’re always working on. No one masters this completely; refuse to give up. We like to say, “God is working on things right now, even when we can’t see it.” Wait for it. God is with us, always. Jesus really is enough.

This weekend we’ll find that Jacob was often an inconsistent father with his boys. Like driving old worn out tires. Just when you thought he had a grip on things, Jacob went sliding off the trail God intended for his family. Eventually, God guided him to refresh his faith. It was like getting a new set of tires. He was able to get a better grip on the things which really mattered.

If your faith feels a little thin, like an old set of tires worn down by too much travel, this message may give you just the grip you’ve needed. This week we’re chasing down the Bible instructions which guide us to LOVE God and people more. It’s like getting a referral from a friend where to buy the best tires in town.

Check things out this weekend. The secret sauce to higher mileage = Love God and love your family. This is a win/win. This gives all of us a better grip in the world each day.

Invite a guest to join us. Journey Sat@6pm would love to welcome you inside. Or try Journey Sun@10:30am and get a free cup of Fred’s Famous coffee and bite to eat at our Journey coffee bar.

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