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If you like eating at the local buffet line of your favorite restaurant, you gotta love Kentucky weather. Just pick whatever you want for your plate! This morning I watched rain, sleet, and snow fall from the sky; all in about thirty minutes. Now the sun is out and it is forty seven degrees. Kentucky weather has something for everyone; almost every day! We have accumulating snow in the local weekend forecast after near sixty degree high on Friday. We have all four seasons; sometimes in a 24 hour day!

Many times working with people is like trying to figure out the wacky weather. You never quite know what you might have to deal with; what might happen during a typical day at work or school. This weekend at Journey Community Christian Church we continue our current series, Difficult People.

We’re considering a few Biblical tools needed in our toolbox; tools for handling more effectively, those who might be known or described as difficult people. If you have ever gotten stuck on a phone call with customer service for long periods, with no one wanting to help, you begin to wonder, 'What is going on?' Difficult people make you wonder, 'What is going on? Why is this so hard?'

Let’s be honest: a majority of people we bump into each day are good as gold. They are there to help in whatever way possible. However, we will meet a few people, maybe previous friends or acquaintances, who are more like a bad storm arriving in the room. They have a mission and it is not a good one. They often want to control and influence our current happy situation in some nefarious, evil way. Just saying.

Caution: Back to the help line and customer service we are searching for; When someone wants to bundle our cable/internet bill, no interest, no payments until 2050, better read the fine print in the terms of agreement. Just saying…. you gotta laugh some days.

Join us this weekend at Journey Church and invite a guest. It will give us a running start on what is trending next. Easter 2022 is NEXT - 37 days and counting. Will you begin now and partner with God? You can help to begin a global post-covid revolution as Jesus is celebrated this year, churches around the world.

The problems of our world are too big for anyone, until we zoom in, focusing on just ONE. We all wish to do something to make the world a better place. We can change the world of ONE person by inviting them to be your friend and guest this Easter 2022.

They might even want to check out the current series this weekend as we learn better together, how to handle DIFFICULT PEOPLE. Hope to see you in person or online, whatever the weather this weekend. We are better together!

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