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What are you certain about? For the last hour I have been looking at my Weather App. It continues to say it is sleeting and raining for the next several hours. Apparently it has not quite arrived. We have grown to depend upon accurate and to the minute forecast, so much, so, when the weather doesn’t match the forecast, we’re surprised.

Let’s just write it off to COVID19 recovery when nothing is nailed down, for certain. The only thing which feels certain anymore = everything changes! This weekend at Journey Community Christian Church we take al look inside the Bible again for guidance and relief when things of life are unclear. Our current winter series is designed to help everyone gain a little confidence, with so many unknowns.

You can join us this weekend in person and online. Journey Sat@6pm and Sun@10:30am we’ll share an outline from 1, 2, 3 John which is guides our thoughts to finding Certain things, I am certain about.

The title of this new series which launched last weekend is ASSURED. If you missed the introduction you can still catch that on our Journey Church Cynthiana Facebook page. Also you can always catch any of our messages at your convenience by going to our Journey Church website.

Last weekend the keyword considered was forgiveness. From 1 John 1:1-10 we found reassurance and certainty, everyone can be forgiven because of Jesus. If you have struggled with doubts regarding God’s love for people like you and me, for whatever reason, last weeks message is just what the doctor ordered. The take away: Shine some Jesus light for people in dark places. Matthew 5:14. Jesus clears up everything regarding forgiveness.

This weekend we’re diving into 1 John 2. We discovering together how to make good, better, and best choices. Think traffic signal. Best choices in life are RED=stop YELLOW=slow GREEN=go. Some of our life choices are obvious GREEN AN GO moments. The key word this weekend is OBEDIENCE.

God desires for us all the BEST choices in life now, and forever. We learn better together. Join us at Journey Sat@6pm or Sun@10:30am to discover Certain things, I am certain about.

If you are looking for a teaser line to get started, here you go. Making BEST choices requires picking good friends. Sometimes God may ask us to choose different friends. Catch this BIG IDEA: God isn’t keeping you and I from things. He’s just guiding you and I to the RIGHT things.

I am looking forward to seeing you this weekend, either virtual or inside our Journey gathering location. Let us know how you are doing and anything we might do to encourage and help you find more ASSURANCE.


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