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Change Is Possible

Are you the type of person who tries to park in the same spot every time you go to Walmart or Kroger? When you drive to lunch, meeting a friend at a familiar location, is it normal for you take the same route each time? Do you usually sit in the same seat at your home and church?

You know, we are all just people; often creatures of habit. Once we’ve developed a pattern of behavior which works for us, produces the desired outcome, harder to change things up. Did you hear the one: “Two caterpillars were crawling across the grass when a butterfly flew over them. They looked up, and one nudged the other and said, ‘You couldn’t get me up in one of those things for a million dollars.’ ”

We all like some level of predictability. In economics and finance there is a phrase investment counselors use for this: “risk-a-verse” which means disinclined to take risks. If you are one of those who prefers fewer risks in your portfolio and everyday life, 2020 and COVID19 has surely put a strain upon you by now.

This weekend I will continue our current series from the Book of Galatians in the Bible. Bring your Bible and gather in person with us if you are ready. Last weekend I introduced the back-ground and introduction in chapter one. The Apostle Paul urged Jesus followers to BREAK FREE from shackles of legalistic teaching.

Judaizers (Jewish Christians in leadership roles) were insisting new Christians, in addition to following Jesus, must also be circumcised. The Bible clearly warned (Acts 15) this was not being required of new Jesus followers. Innocent, gullible, and naive people were being thrown off track.

In part two this weekend we discover the Bible invites us to change up status quo. Change really is possible for all of us, whatever fears we face. Our past does not define us, our Jesus relationship does. Even if our human nature is always taking the safest route home, never risking our financial future, fearing a loss, we can still learn to grow a bigger faith. It’s never too late to change.

If you are feeling fatigued in 2020 with much uncertainty this lesson from the Bible will bring new hope. If you want a little preview of the topic this weekend, we discover how God will help us rearrange parts of our life, retrain new practices more effective for confidence, and reenlist our energies for the good in our world.

Join us and INVITE a Journey guest in person or on line. Research indicates, “80% of first time guest at churches say, “They came because invited by a friend. ” if you have a friend you’ve wanted to INVITE but 2020 hasn’t worked out, give them a call and check in. They might join you in person or in your own watch party with our FB and website streaming.

See you soon, either Sat@6pm or Sun@10:30am. Change really is possible. You and I and this crazy, COVID19 wold today is never impossible. Not when God of the impossible is at work on things.

God is bigger. Wow God!

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