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If you are not a regular reader of the Bible this may surprise you. Jesus often let His actions speak louder than His words. Though He is mentioned in almost every part of the Bible, and the Bible remains year-after-year the best-selling book of all time, Jesus never authored His own book while on earth or had a book signing like people today. Isn’t that amazing?

Another thing, Jesus was never known as a big talker on the big stage. Unlike famous speakers, authors, and teachers today on tour, Jesus spent more time with small groups of curious people, mostly in small villages and towns. Some of these followed Jesus around as He moved about, hoping to grab some profound thing Jesus would say.

While at first glance, it would seem, larger venues might serve Jesus better. Most of his time teaching others was not in a building, classroom, or worship center. Instead, He was more often walking about the country side, meeting new people, conversing, and just being neighborly, wherever possible.

Another thing you may not realize, Jesus entire earthly ministry was only about three and half years long before His death on the Cross. Maybe that is why He chose to let His actions speak loudest. There was no time for mere talking only. His time was short; His purpose and God’s mission clear: Jesus would/did become Savior of the world!

Join us again this weekend at Journey Church Cynthiana, Sat@6pm/Sun@10:30am. We will take a look at part two in our Spring series, WHY? WHY NOT? We will unpack more Jesus words in the Bible. Words which call us to action; less talk. Talking about things, rather than doing things, was never Jesus Way!

The people in the Bible who found themselves briefly around Jesus, even for a moment, never were the same again. His transformational, life changing words revolutionized their thinking and actions, forever. Jesus changes everything. This can be YOU also!

If you are ready for a reboot or rewind of routines in life which are underwhelming, give this series and Jesus words a chance. Check this out and bring a friend. Let us know if you are ready to make a Jesus decision this year. Easter 2022, April 16/17 is the target date on the Journey calendar for you to consider a personal decision for baptism. Let us know if we can help you plan for this.

JESUS inviting words will turn things around. It is the big reversal… still not certain?

You say, WHY? Jesus says, WHY NOT?

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