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Check Your Pulse

Are you a daredevil? Would your parents describe you as the kid who climbed trees, swung on limbs, and jumped your bicycle over obstacles? Not everyone is willing to try risky things. It’s ok if you are not that person. Everyone has to find their level of comfort for risk.

COVID19 health concerns have affected our confidence in so many areas of life. We have all become a little more, “risk averse.” Especially when things constantly change each day. This makes life even more difficult to navigate and find our comfort zone. Children have had an especially difficult time being separated from normal routines. Hug a kid today. Give them an extra sticker for being a “champ.”

The truth about people, not everyone handles the increasing stress of life in the same way. We may need a medical check up and some additional support during periods of highest stress. It’s OK to not be OK! If you are not getting enough sleep and you’ve lost your appetite, let someone help. People are just people; we’re not robots.

I have never jumped from a plane. Have you? Some days it feels as though we are all being asked to parachute from planes. They say, “When skydiving with a parachute you will jump out the door of the plane, going 140 mph. You will then have about 30 seconds to safely get your chute opened and float to the ground.” If you are thinking of taking up skydiving this year, better check your pulse first. Just saying.

This weekend at Journey Church Cynthiana we’ll explore more wisdom from the Bible in Titus. Our current fall series VITAL CHURCH points out the importance of having people with healthy hearts on your team. How does anyone maintain a healthy heart? How would we begin a daily regime? Join us this weekend for our worship gathering in person and online. We always have two options (unless our internet goes down) for you. Journey Sat@6pm and again Sun@10:30am.

We all know how important a healthy heart will be throughout life. Before you start a family, CHECK YOUR PULSE. Before you sign those mortgage papers, CHECK YOUR PULSE. Before making any important life decision CHECK YOUR PULSE.

This weekend we’ll share a Biblical guide for finding and becoming people with healthy hearts for every adventure in life (even jumping from a plane). There are several VITAL characteristics necessary for our success. I will do my best to make this an interesting and relevant conversation which matters. No tricks and no agenda. Journey Church wants to provide whatever support, whenever and wherever possible.

If this sounds like the sort of positive conversation you have needed this week, join us and INVITE a friend. Our mission at Journey Church is to help God grow living things which never die. People Matter Most.

Don’t wait until later to do what is VITAL today. Join us this weekend in person or online. Let’s check our pulse with God’s guidebook for a healthy life.

We are better together. Always.

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