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Creepy Things

In the spirit of October, pumpkins, fall colors and Halloween I came up with this creepy thought. You and I are not always easy to understand. We can be inconsistent and change colors like the fall leaves on trees. Some days we walk around wearing figurative masks like plastic Halloween masks to hide our true identities. We can often be hot and cold in the same day about God and people and almost anything.

As the KLOVE song belts out, “We’re sometimes a bit of saint and sinner all in the same day!” That can be creepy and crazy if our story ended there. Thank goodness our sometimes-schizophrenic behavior doesn’t define us; Jesus does. I paraphrase the Apostle Paul who said, “Who/what shall rescue me from myself?" The Bible’s answer to this puzzling predicament; it’s not a what, it’s a Who - Jesus Christ is the antidote and answer to our creepy self!

This weekend is episode three from our fall series titled Comeback. This short series is taken from the part of the Bible called Philippians. It is a personal letter the Apostle Paul wrote to a young Church in the city of Philippi that often struggled to grow up. I guess it can be a struggle for everyone to discover real JOY in life.

The take-away so far, week 1 - circumstances can complicate life, week 2 -serving people is hard work, and week 3 - believing God more is worth it. If you have missed any of these episodes they are on our Journey App and our website. Check them out if you have 30 minutes. www.journeychurchsite.org

Even when everyone else has given up on us, God never does. Just when you think your life has peaked and you can’t take another step, God urges us to climb higher. He promises to be there alongside us to help. God is for you, even on your worst creepy-self days; He is never against you!

Join us in one of our Journey weekend services with a guest you might invite. Who knows, this creepy stuff kind of honesty might be just what they needed to hear and not give up on a better version of life.

Thanks for whatever you do each day in the world to make this a better place for everyone to live. You Journey guys are some of the nicest people I know anywhere.

It’s nice to be nice.

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