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Dad's Day Gift

Father’s Day shoppers have a bit of dilemma; what to buy for dad? Unlike Mom’s Day purchases which are always popular, such as flowers and chocolates, dad gifts can be a mystery puzzle to solve. Driving to the office today, I listened to KLOVE radio interview dads, asking them, “What is the perfect gift for Father’s Day?”

One particular dad who is serving active duty in the military described how hard to be away on deployments during Father’s Day. I can still remember serving my unaccompanied tour of military service overseas, years ago. It was extremely difficult leaving Connie and our 6 month old baby daughter, Heather, behind.

The KLOVE dad who had been deployed recently to Afghanistan thanked KLOVE for constantly playing positive music and messages for troops around the world. His words got me thinking about that question, “What is the perfect Father’s Day gift?” I believe I know the answer! We should make it a priority to share our voices with clear positivity.

Every dad, whether military or civilian, married or single, young or old, city or country is searching for positive voices who will provide some encouragement whenever possible. Being a dad is a pretty difficult job. Some dad’s especially struggle during days like Father’s Day; concerned they have let heir families down in some way.

Every dad can have their own version, “oh, no, what now,” sort of moment. Times when things are not going as we hoped in family situations. We’re all just people. Nobody gets it right all the time. We’re not Jesus, not even close. Still, we want to follow Jesus’ lead in everything, becoming the best dad humanly possible. Sometimes we just need an encouraging word to not give up this long-term process.

If you know a dad silently struggling with a sense of inadequacy, or maybe worse - INVITE them to join us this weekend Journey Church Cynthiana. We promise to be positive in everything we do. Together, we’ll celebrate Father’s Day with a tasty take-home-snack (beef jerky) treat for dear old dad. The Journey coffee bar will have tasty stuff for dad to enjoy as they arrive. The room will be filled with the smell of cinnamon bites, donuts, fresh fruit, and Fred’s Free coffee brewing.

Our current series, KNOWING GOD, takes a quick dive into the Bible. We discover God is for us, not against us. I promise this outline will be very supportive and encouraging to every dad (every person) in the room. I am certain this outline is just the sort of positivity dad can use.

If you are in town make plans to join us and bring a GUEST for Father’s Day 2022 = Journey Sat@6pm and Sun@10:30a. Tell everyone we have the perfect dad gift for dads on Father’s Day: a generous dose of positivity and encouragement.

Like a soldier coming home from a duty assignment, be here for Journey Church Cynthiana Father’s Day weekend. Just gather around a few people, we’ll do a group hug, grab some tasty food with Fred’s Famous coffee. Finally, spending some worship time together with God and each other.

Let’s do this. We are better together. Come on in…hot weather got you down? Let’s cool off together….while we find a little encouragement!

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