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Deep and Wide

Years and years ago, I was Youth Minister and Connie was our Worship and Music volunteer for all our Junior Church worship services. Connie would play piano and lead songs with actions which were easy to sing. The lyrics below are one of those songs we sang often with the smallest children.

Deep and wide

Deep and wide

There’s a fountain flowing deep and wide Deep and wide

Deep and wide

There’s a fountain flowing deep and wide

Simple, easy to remember words of God’s deep, never ending love helped shaped the minds of children each week (including our own). Through songs and short object lessons taken directly from the Bible, Connie and I helped lay a foundation of God to be celebrated.

Those early years of youth ministry with small children in Jr Church Worship were some of the fondest memories. Many of those kids, now adults with kids are lifelong friends. The Church is VITAL is making memories and family which are forever. One of the best investments of your time as parents is bringing your children to Church when they are small. They will never forget some of those simple songs and stories of God’s amazing love.

This weekend at Journey Community Christian Church we will take a look once again at the Bible and discover some application for today. We are in a series titled, VITAL CHURCH, taken from the short 3 chapter letter called Titus.

If you intended to get started, but have been unable to join us yet, this weekend would be a great time to hop online or just step inside the Journey front door. I promise you will feel welcomed and meet friendly people who are glad you came. We say this a lot, “If you come three times in a row, you’re stuck, never leaving.” Journey Church is the kind of place you could belong and be a family together.

This weekend we explore just a few verses in Titus which describe: People who love deep and wide are fun to be with. Jesus touched everyone with His love. He saw the potential in people and whom they might become. If you have never, or are still working on your Jesus story in the book of your life this Journey weekend worship is the place for you.

Consider letting God have a few moments; a chance to give you new, better positive outlook on life. We are here to help everyone get their Jesus story started or re-started. We are better together.

Join us in person or online. Journey Sat@6pm or Sun@10:30am. Just one word and four letters can change everything: LOVE

Like a fountain that is deep and wide, never ending, which pours over us, GOD LOVES YOU....

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