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Most would agree early screening is the wise decision for prevention, whatever the concern. If you notice a small leak in your roof, better get that checked out. It is not uncommon to have a dental check up and cleaning every six months. The same is true about our medical appointments, auto maintenance, and home repairs. We have become accustomed to scheduled maintenance with appointments for monitoring overall health and well-being.

What happens when the early detection system falls apart? Last night, while at a local coffee shop with a small group, the smoke detector inside the store began to alarm. It was very loud and unnerving; I asked the coffee barista if we had a fire? She said,”No, this smoke detector has been going off all day; it must be the battery. Our maintenance person is on vacation. We don’t have a tall enough ladder to reach it. I don’t know what to do?”

Help eventually arrived; a taller ladder came from another store, our small group discussion broke up early. The blaring and beeping had been quite a distraction for everyone. We politely snuck away, thanking them for trying to fix things.

This weekend at Journey Community Christian Church we wrap up our winter series, MIRACLES of Jesus. This is our final lesson from the Gospels (primarily from the Book of John). We’ve explored amazing miracles Jesus demonstrated for the world. Jesus literally changes everything; even laws of nature. Nothing is impossible with God. If you have missed any of these messages find them on our Journey Church Cynthiana Facebook page. Also our messages are archived on our website:

This weekend in John 9:1fl… Jesus opens a blind man’s eyes. This poor fellow had been blind since birth. Meeting Jesus personally changes everything. If you take an annual eye exam you’re aware of the “eye test” chart on the wall. You are instructed to read each row of letters, covering one eye at a time, starting at the top, with the biggest letters, moving down, as the letters become smaller, each line. Eventually letters are too blurry to make them out.

Then the eye doctor will ask you to look into a viewer with different lenses being rotated back and forth; each time a change is made, you declare to your doctor, is this “better or worse?” For years, I was unaware that I needed corrective lenses for better vision. I had never really had my eyes checked.

Christmas may be the perfect time for everyone to consider a Jesus “check-up.” It’s possible that regular Church was interrupted for various reasons. We may think, “It requires too much? I don’t have the time? It’s just too much of a hassle?” May I give you a little Jesus nudge, right before Christmas? It’s a great time to get your Jesus “eyes” checked!

Many would agree, social media is constantly blaring too much negativity. It can be loud, unnerving and divisive words like the smoke detector in the coffee shop that needed a new battery.

What if the REAL solution is as simple as a finding a taller ladder (just like the coffee shop)? JESUS is BIGGER/TALLER than life’s problems. Give the local church another look this Christmas with your family and friends. Plan to join us if you can. Jesus came for everyone (JOHN 3:16). Even YOU! I know it’s a little early… Merry Christmas!

Has life been a little blurry lately? Jesus can help clear things up! See you this weekend, Journey Church: MIRACLES of Jesus…. final lesson. Bring a guest.

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