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Difference Maker

The headline read, “COVID-19 isolation led to massive spike mental health struggles.” Clearly, mental health struggles exacerbated by extended lockdowns has highlighted the healing power of making connections with others. At Journey Community Christian Church, months before a pandemic appeared, the slogan and label, “We are better together” was circulating in our Journey conversations.

This was not an original statement from Journey Church. Instead, we grabbed it from the Bible. We adopted this phrase early pre-2020 from a sermon series and it has stuck. This sentiment is repeated all over the place in the early first century church. The early church leaders were also aware the critical need for personal growth and better health with regular connections.

People are just people. We are built (In God’s image - Father -Son- Holy Spirit) to live in community and share life in human connections. Worship gatherings, small group settings, and outreach service projects are perfect ways to connect with other people.

Isolation during COVID-19 burdened everyone and made life more difficult to experience human connection and community. Isolation is a huge piece of what allows negative mental health conditions to really thrive. We are better together. Journey Church is launching a new FOUR week series from Philippians in the Bible to help address mental health concerns.

Sometimes we imagine that mental health is a personal problem; we equate it with being someone’s fault. At Journey we believe, people are just people. No one gets it right all the time. We are not Jesus It’s OK to not be OK. God is for everybody, not everybody knows, we have to tell everybody.

If this short summer series peaks a little interest for you right now, why not give it a try? What have you got to lose? Join us this weekend Journey Sat@6pm/Sun@10:30am. We would love to see you in person again if you are ready to come inside. Bring a guest for the four week series titled, REFRESH.

I believe the vaccines have been a game changer for many people with COVID-19 concerns. Infection rates have fallen to similar numbers as seasonal flu in many places. People are no longer being required to wear masks outdoors/indoors when vaccinated. This is good news for everyone.

I believe that the Bible and the message of hope we find is just what the world needs at a time like this. Jesus words of our recovery from sin and death restore our faith in the future, no matter what comes next.

Jesus is the difference maker. Tell everyone. Not everyone knows. WE are better together.

Journey Church Cynthiana is excited to share this next series from the Bible with you. The staff and team of volunteers have been praying and working behind the scenes all week to prepare for YOU to Join us again. We are better together.

Go God!

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