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Digging a little deeper

What are you doing in the evenings after supper these days? At our household when dishes have been cleared, Connie and I head to the living room and TV. After a busy day we dive into warm fleece blankets with two Chihuahua puppies ready for couch time. We both enjoy the eager lap dogs companionship as we catch up on the days activities.

We also like watching favorite home and cabin makeover reality TV series. One group of barn builders are always taking apart old log barns to restore and rebuild for new owners in other locations. Another group of builders is in Maine and they restore run down lake front cabins/camps. The finished product is amazing.

Still, other builders, have shows which originate in Canada and American cities and towns. These groups specialize in updating existing homes with the owners available remodeling budgets. Some budgets are in the million dollar range, while others a few thousand.

I particularly enjoy a group of builders, building off the grid. They often do this without any source of public utilities or building materials. Everything is brought onto the job site in the harshest of terrain and weather conditions, you might imagine. Somehow, they are able to finish their impossible looking build without disaster.

I have noticed something interesting about these TV series with different formats and unique characters. During the demo part of the tear down or remodel frequently there is an important discovery behind a wall or under a floor.

As dirt and dust begin to fly, the sheet rock gets torn down; panelling is removed, and two-by-fours pitched in the dumpster. Suddenly a treasure from ages past is pulled from behind a wall or rafter. This might be a family photo one hundred years ago, a jar of antique marbles spilled on the ground, an old map, calendar, or newspaper from years gone by.

This weekend at Journey Community Christian Church we pause our current sermon series from Galatians in the Bible, titled, FREE, and celebrate Thanksgiving 2020. Clearly this is a different year for Thanksgiving everywhere. COVID19 health concerns are still affecting how we can gather with family and friends. We are going to dig a little deeper and look deeper for the positive things to share this Thanksgiving.

Even if you’re not “feeling it” this year, join us, either in person or online. Journey Sat@6pm or Sun@10:30am, we’ll search for that hidden treasure in this weird and wacky Thanksgiving 2020.

We are better together!

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