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His name was Jerry and he needed a sweatshirt. He was wearing a tank shirt with no sleeves, shorts and tennis shoes. Everything he wore was dripping a puddle of water in the floor as we talked. He was sopping wet.

Jerry said, “They sent me down here; said you might have a sweatshirt I could wear?” I asked, “Who sent you?” My new friend said, “Human Resources a couple doors down the sidewalk.”

Hey guys, I sure would like for us to have our own location and stop-paying rent for this old run down real estate. It’s expensive and hard to heat in winter, but it sure is a great location to help some of the most desperate people. God sure knew what He was doing when He moved us into The Square almost eight years ago. People now trust us and government agencies direct people to us because they know we care. How cool is that; a reputation as church for people who need it the most.

Back to my friend, “Jerry" - I scrounged through bags left from our free yard sale a few weeks ago and found a golf cap, UK T-shirt, and winter coat with a fur collar. “Jerry” seized these hodge-podge items along with a Journey T-shirt like they were clothing on a rack at Dillard’s. He left warmer and dryer than when he arrived at our door.

This weekend is part 4 of Breakthrough, and we’ll look once again at Jesus' words in the Bible - the Gospel of Mark. We’ll share another real life story of breakthrough for people just like us. Jesus has promised when our life struggles are the worst, God is working on it right now, for our good. Good habits, better habits often take a lot of time to develop. It’s ok to not be ok. Everybody is all wet sooner or later like my friend, “Jerry.”

Hope to see you and a friend also; you might invite them to check out a place that helps wet people get dry clothes on rainy days. Let’s do this. And don’t forget about FUN ON THE FARM this Sunday, 5-7pm. It’s a family style picnic on a farm wagon with lots of chicken. We’ll share fresh ideas for doing more good stuff in our community.

And who doesn’t like chicken; eat-mo-chiken; Even if you don’t make one of our weekend service come on out to the picnic? You gotta eat.

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