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Driving Lessons

Who taught you how to drive? How old were you when you got your driver’s license? How did you feel? Did you celebrate? For most of us getting our driver’s license was one of the happiest days ever. It brought new freedoms we could enjoy each day. Having a driver’s license made us feel like we were in charge of things, finally. That’s not really a bad thing. Still, feeling independent can get out of hand!

This weekend at Journey Community Christian Church we continue our current summer series, KNOWING GOD! Last weekend we discovered that God is both: tough on us at times and also shows mercy & grace, not deserved. Sometimes God, like an earthly father, becomes firm with us and our behavior; He will say - No WAY! He may prevent us from doing serious damage to ourselves or others. At other times God extends his grace beyond ANYTHING we might have imagined.

In part two this weekend we discover God is HOLY… not spooky! What does that really mean? God is not kooky spooky in a weird sort of way that no one could ever make Him happy or satisfied. Sometimes, we imagine God like a harsh father figure, sports coach, teacher, or neighbor who is never pleased with what we say or do!

God is not weird like that! He is holy and righteous. He is the One True God!!! The absolute Truth of everything which exists. He wants us to know He is worthy of our worship and surrender. This is where things get a little frazzled because we’re just people, looking for our freedom! And then God comes along and wants to be our BOSS!

People like you and me have some control issues; it starts very early in life. By the time we enter pre-school we’re pretty certain we know everything we need to know! We can now open the refrigerator door by ourselves. We can find clean pajamas in our dresser drawer. We can pick out our own clothes each day to wear anywhere. We got this.

Freedom and having control is so much fun; until we overdo it! Somewhere along our journey in life, we decide we’re pretty much in charge of everything. We go to college, get married, buy a house, take vacations. We’re sailing along, fine it seems, until we get a little lost along the way. A marriage which fails, a job we lose, a friend who betrays, an illness which lingers, and pretty soon we feel confused. Why did God let this happen?

Control issues are never completely resolved. Once we learn to drive and be independent from others, we are well on our way to becoming our own “boss.” Eventually though, after some decisions we make have negative consequences, we have to slow down, listening for God’s voice, seeking directions. Who hasn’t found themselves, sooner or later, saying, “Jesus, take the wheel!”

If this is one of those times where things are looking bad with your health, wealth, or important relationships, maybe you can slide over, let Jesus take control. If this discussion sounds relevant and helpful to you check out more Journey Sat@6pm/Sun@10:30am. Join us and bring a seat buddy.

Everyone can use a refresher course on finding more courage, letting go, some of the control issues each day! Hey, it’s not that bad, I promise. More like getting a little tune up and extra practice with parallel parking!

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