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Faithful People, Happiest People

“The LORD will bless you if you respect him and obey his laws. Your fields will produce, and you will be happy - all will go well . Your wife will be as fruitful as a grapevine, and just as an olive tree is rich with olives, your home will be rich with healthy children. This is how the LORD will bless everyone who respects him.” Psalm 128:1-4 CEV

Today, families in our modern world spend endless hours researching and pursuing the best advice for receiving their greatest rewards. We have lawyers, doctors, financial advisors, personal trainers, and nutritionist who help coach us; giving their best professional advice. I am grateful for all those voices who help us make vital choices.

I urge people to use every resource available for fostering healthy, positive family life together. Also, I constantly urge people to give God and His Church another look, or second chance to grow their confidence and well-being.

A new Pew Research Center study indicates, “People who are active members of a religious community are more likely than those who don’t have those strong religious ties to describe themselves as ‘’Very happy.’ ”

The Bible confirms, there has always been, and continues today, a measurable health and happiness benefit for those who are connected and engaged with regular worship of God in a local church. If you have been planning to return to in-person worship gathering before Christmas arrives, this weekend is your chance to get things started.

Just find a church family nearby and check it out. Or maybe you want to drive a little distance, meeting together with friends already worshiping there. In either case give the local church an opportunity to increase your happiness quotient during the most JOYful season of the year.

When you arrive at the Journey Church Cynthiana front door, friendly people will greet you with a smile. They will offer to guide you inside to a free cup of “Fred’s Famous Coffee” at our Journey coffee bar. Our dress code is always casual and comfortable. Most people find Journey Church Cynthiana a place they would like to return again.

Join us this weekend for our current series, MIRACLES of Jesus. This weeks relevant discussion is all about the exciting things God has done in our life. John 2:1-5 is our text if you want to read ahead. Jesus attended a wedding party and the host ran out of wine for the guests. Help!

Everyone may have a few unmet expectations we are dealing with today? What can we do? Where can we turn for help? Jesus changes everything. Even YOU and me!

Join us Journey Sat@6pm/ Sun@10:30am, finding hope again and confidence. Jesus is nearby... your local church is the place to begin. Jesus changes everything. And remember, faithful people really are the happiest people. See you at the Journey door soon….

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