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Getting Christmas Right

C.S. Lewis - “Aim at Heaven and you will get Earth ‘thrown in’ - aim at Earth and you get neither.”

We can put so much pressure upon ourselves hoping to make Hallmark Movie memories each Christmas. We toss and turn at night searching for just the right gift, right tree, and a table spread, fit for a King. We long for laughter and excitement filling the rooms of our homes as family and friends gather inside. None of that is wrong or evil, it’s just not the real meaning of Christmas.

Christmas 2020 may feel like a major disappoint when so many plans have been interrupted. This is weird season in our lives everywhere. Scouts honor, I promise, never again to walk past the Salvation Army bell with the big red kettle, without dropping in some pocket change. When this whole thing is over, let’s never forget what Christmas is really about!

If you’ve already decided Christmas 2020 is going to be a bust and not deliver what you expected months ago, hold on a minute. Don’t lose hope; not yet. However painful and sad circumstances may be in our COVID scarred world of fewer options, Christmas 2020 is not the end of our story or Christmas.

As a matter of fact what if Christmas 2020 became a golden opportunity for everyone to rediscover the purpose of each Christmas. There is so much more to the forever story of Jesus birth than caroling, egg nog, and office parties. Christmas is not about us, it is about Jesus. It was not about Jospeh and Mary or the Inn Keeper. Christmas was always about the birth of Jesus, Savior of the world. All other story lines at Christmas must support the real story of Christmas; Jesus, born in Bethlehem.

Getting Christmas right is not easy for people. We’re just people. King Herod felt threatened by the birth of Jesus. He did his best to kill the baby Jesus. Some people today find the message of Jesus, for other people, not for them. If you know an uninterested skeptic or are one, it is ok. Jesus is not your enemy. He is our friend and Savior. Jesus came that first Christmas to save (us) and the whole world; even for those who doubted. John 3:16. It is True, even if it seems too impossible to believe. I would love to have a discussion with you about Jesus, Savior of the world.

Through the years, somehow, we’ve gotten a few wires crossed up! The unintended consequence of our successes may produce a modern holiday season, built more for shopping and eating out with others, rather than bowing in worship, like Shepherds and Wise Men. Matthew 2:1-12. Christmas is for bringing gifts to the King. The greatest gift we give is ourselves.

Connie and I, like you will be thinking of family and friends we miss this year. Everyone has a story of human connections lost, events interrupted during COVID19 health concerns. One thing which is never lost or cancelled is Christmas. Because Christmas is never about us. It is about Jesus.

Like C.S. Lewis in the quote above, I am asking God to help us all keep our focus, our aim directly on heaven, in spite of a pandemic. Christmas 2020 isn’t nearly as impossible when Jesus is born. Look to the heavens, be guided by the Star, and find baby Jesus in the manger, Christ child and Savior of the world. Luke 2:1-20.

Merry Christmas!

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