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"Give God a chance"

This weekend is Father’s Day and for many it will be filled with happy memories and celebrations. For others, it becomes a painful reminder of things gone missing in their life. If your Father’s Day stirs up negative emotions or sadness each year for you it’s never too late to let God start something new. I hope you will consider joining us in one of our weekend services, Journey Sat@6pm/Sun@10:30am.

We continue our summer series this weekend titled Miracles. If you’ve been waiting for a miracle in your life maybe this relevant Biblical Jesus lesson from John chapter eleven will bring fresh insight and hope. This week we’ll take a look at Jesus miraculous power that raised his close friend, Lazarus from the dead. Who can do that? Jesus can!

While others were grief stricken and unconsolable, Jesus was never shaken. He asked the sisters, Martha and Mary to not lose hope, It is never too late for God to do something unexpected, even impossible (MT 19:26 NLT). Jesus asked for a chance to make everything right once again. God is for you, not against you.

Are you ready to give God a chance to straighten something out in your life which others say is impossible? Father’s Day weekend would be a great opportunity for inviting a guest to join us in one of the services. Reach out to someone you’ve intended to invite when the timing was right. This could be an ideal chance to be a friend to someone who is curious about God the Father during a day we celebrate earthly dads.

Here is my promise and guarantee. If you or a guest joins in this weekend, God will bring a blessing for you in some way. I don’t want to sound wacky and crazy; it’s just the Gospel Truth regarding God. He specializes in resurrecting people and things that are dead or dying. Our weekend Jesus lesson will help you realize this Truth vividly.

The weather is going to be terrific again. If you are in town this would be a great part of your Father’s Day plans this weekend to share with others. Jesus is the game changer all of us need. Hope to see you and a guest at Journey.

God, He really is a good good Father.

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