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God Has a Plan

Rob Wilkins is a writer with Outreach Magazine. He posted a recent interview with Rick and Randy Bezet. They are brothers who grew up in Cajun country outside Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Amazingly, the two brothers, seven years apart in age have become pastors of two of the largest growing churches in America; Bayside Community Church in Bradenton, Florida (65), and New Life Church in Conway, Arkansas (49), respectively.

“They freely confess that a shared preoccupation with getting past third grade kept them from pondering God or much else beyond that. Growing up, church was irrelevant when it wasn’t terrifying. They would often skip threats of eternal hellfire in exchange for sodas and candy at the corner store. The only real connection either of them felt toward God was the same: the living influence of their grandmother, who always answered the phone, ‘Jesus loves you.’ ‘We felt like we were not good choices,’ Randy says. ‘Still, God picked us.’ ”

The entire article is a two part interview which you can read online, by going to Outreach Magazine. These two brothers give a humorous and inspiring interview. If you’ve got ten minutes take a look. God has a plan for everyone and their life.

This weekend at Journey Church we’re taking a look in the Bible at people like us who learned to thrive, not just survive, thirsting for more faith. We dive in and discover Moses had a mom and dad who helped guide his FAITHFUL walk with God. If you would like to read ahead, check out Exodus 2:1-10.

May I ask you? Who has been in your corner most, helping you along the way, discovering a pathway to follow in life? It seems almost everyone I meet these days has the same question: What’s next? Whether they have just gotten married or gotten a divorce, everyone is seeking some divine direction from above.

Every day I meet people who are really far along in their life, while others, are just getting things started. I bump into people who go to church and those who seldom or never go to church. Both groups of people have this in common: They need a plan for success.

If any of this sounds relevant to you make plans to join us for Journey Community Christian Church worship this weekend. You have a couple options with times and days. Journey Sat@6pm is our small audience of about twenty five. If you like small crowds this would be perfect for you to check out. Journey Sun@10:30am has about eighty, including kids most weekends. Another option, both services are streaming live and recorded. You can watch later at your convenience.

If you (Or someone you know) are feeling uncertain about the future this message from the Bible may provide just what you (they) have been looking for. May I say this also, God really does have a plan for you (us)! It may or may not be leading a mega church or what we’ve always imagined? Yet, even if we feel “clueless” about God in our life, He is there, ready and waiting for us!

Hope to see you at Journey Church weekend. Now, that’s a plan!

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