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Gravity Works Funny

Have you ever thought about it much? Have you ever laughed out loud thinking, how funny it might be without gravity? We are all tethered to the earth like some giant cruise ship tied to the pier in Florida. Wow God, what an amazing miracle. Gravity keeps all of us from flying off into outer space.

Without gravity people would just drift off into the atmosphere like a ship turned loose in a vast ocean of water. Wow, God! Of all the endless stars and planets in the sky in your love, you provided earth unlike any other. Thank you LORD for creating a solar system and laws of the universe keeping people and all created things safely secured.

Here’s the funny part I was thinking about gravity today. When I went outside to jog in 30 degree temperatures and cold wind blowing 10mph in my face, my legs and feet felt like they weighted 500 pounds. I struggled to get a pace going and was fighting against the weather conditions and forces of nature.

Gravity, which is really essential can also slow us down, making it nearly impossible to get a little air under our feet. I admire those athletes who can dunk a basketball. I can hardly jump off the ground at all. On a good day I am lucky reaching a loaf of bread on the top shelf in the grocery aisle. Just saying.

This weekend AT JOURNEY Community Christian Church we wrap up our winter series from Galatians, titled FREE. Jesus came to set us free from the tug and pull of sin, which is much like gravity, holding us firm, unwilling to let us go.

Our worst habits keep us from lifting off and becoming more effective, consistent, and focused in our Christian walk around life. Through the Cross, Jesus death and resurrection we find power to overcome our sin, much like an enormous booster rocket helping us break free from the earths gravitational pull.

Funny, just when it seems we’re stuck in a really tight spot, mired in some “muddy mess” called sin, unable to move ahead, Jesus comes to the rescue. Join us this weekend in person or online, Journey Sat@6pm/Sun@10:30am. We explore the final lesson from Galatians 6:11-18.

Step inside or hop online as we learn how to break free from human struggles and the “gravity” of constant failure to launch our best faith life; choosing instead, more “grace.” We are better together. God is bigger than any problem we are having. Grab a seat (in person & online) and join us. We can do this; even when our world seems like it has turned into “zero gravity” with nothing tied down, God is with us always!

Our worst day might become our best ever. Funny, how things work!

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