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Great Gamble

What is the biggest gamble you’ve ever taken? Some people have bought houses, sight unseen. That would seem a big risk without a home inspection in hand. Others buy cars online and book vacation lodging while scrolling through advertisements, websites, and customer reviews. Risky, maybe?

How about you? What is your comfort level for making those big decisions in life? If you are the cautious type maybe this term in economics and finance, helps: risk-a-verse - disinclined to take risks. Some of us are naturally disinclined to take big risks in life - and that’s fine in economics. As the saying goes, “A bird in the hand is worth, two in a bush.”

Honestly, we’re not all wired the same - and that’s probably a good thing too. When Jesus invited Peter to step out of the boat, walking on water, no one else on board jumped in the water, trying it also (Mt 14:28-29). Check it out if you’ve forgotten this Jesus story.

Maybe you’ve always associated people taking risks as high flyers and performers at the County Fair, local Carnival, or small Circus in town? Trapeze artists swinging in the air or tight rope walkers without safety nets below are higher risk of injuries for sure. I wonder how much their premiums for life insurance might be in that line of work? Just saying.

If you’re not the daredevil type ready to skydive out of airplanes or zip-line down a cliff, it’s ok! I get it. If you’re the person afraid of heights and can hardly climb a ladder, its ok! Maybe, you sleep better at night putting your retirement savings in gold bars, rather than the stock market. I get it, completely.

However, nearly anything in life can be a bit of a gamble. The phone call could be another scammer, when shopping for groceries our money could be stolen, just eating a hotdog we might become choked, unable to breathe. Nothing in life is 100% certain except “taxes and death” as they say. So, what options should be considered?

First, realize we cannot live in constant fear of what might happen to us! When we become anxious, fearful, overwhelmed of possible bad news, our fear of the unknown may become worse than the undesirable news, we feared most! if we’re truly going to live an abundant life, satisfying life, the sort of life Jesus promised His followers (Jn 10:10), we must push back fear even on our worst days.

This weekend at Journey Church we begin a four-week fall series, LIVING BEYOND MYSELF. This weekend message will help us push back some natural fears when tackling challenging things in life. I admit, risking loss or disappointment can be a gamble; still the Bible teaches, God is with us, come what may! On your toughest day, remember Peter, walking on the water!

Also, we will clear up this very basic but vital question: WHAT does LIVING… really look like anyway? Beyond going to work and school each day what should we expect from life? Saying this another way: What really matters to God? Is there more to life on earth than just making a living, paying our bills, and going through the normal routines, as always?

If these sort of questions interest you, this fall series is sure to spark some creative thoughts and thinking. Rather than the normal negative vibe = each time something goes off the rails, what if we try something new? Join us this weekend and bring a Journey GUEST.

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