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Great Stories Last

If you’ve eaten at a great restaurant recently, it is too good not to share with others. We need to recommend the establishment and location for others to enjoy. In a similar way if we’ve enjoyed a new movie or read a book which which was exceptional, other people should know about it too.

Everybody loves a great story, who doesn’t? It is something that sticks with you through the years. You can close your eyes right now, remembering the main characters, colors, and images which created storylines in Wizard of Oz or Sleeping Beauty. Stories are powerful ways to discover important values for life.

Jesus often taught large, curious crowds of people using real life storylines, called Parables. A general definition of “parable” is a simple story (riddle) used to illustrate a moral or spiritual lesson, as told by Jesus in the Gospels. They were a simple messages of Biblical Truth given to provide a more profound lesson or teaching.

Jesus stories in the Bible have sticking power. All the stories of the Bible are classics, never easily forgotten. This weekend at Journey Community Christian Church we wrap up our current winter series, THE STORY OF EVERYTHING.

I hope you are able to join us either inside or online - Journey Church for either of our worship gathering times: Journey Sat@6pm/Sun@10:30am. This series has been one of those experiences you just have to share with other people. Like a five-star restaurant or award winning film or book, we must encourage others, Come And See, people must know! Check this out for yourself.

The Story of Everything is God’s story in the Bible. God is the main character who created everything that can be known. It is a BIG story, awesome story of a BIG God. Creator God (Elohim) of the Bible who can do anything; even the impossible. Since when did impossible, mean anything to God.

Many people never read (view) the Bible as the tremendous, indescribable, amazing Story of God. A story which has twisting plots, diverse people, evil villains, and worthy heroes saving the day. We can get stuck on pieces of The Story of God in the Bible. We may focus primarily on doctrines, beliefs, rules/regulations - never putting the WHOLE Story of God together in storylines.

Join us this weekend as we finish our series with The Story of Church. You are going to absolutely love our worship together this weekend. Don’t miss it for anything, INVITE SOMEONE to be your seat buddy inside or online.

When we discover something great, too good not to share, People Must Know! God’s Church family is better than butter on a biscuit at Cracker Barrel. Let’s spread the Word like butter on a butter knife. Looking forward to seeing YOU at the Journey front door with a big smile!

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