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If you grew up with older siblings, you know all about clothing “hand-me-downs.” When our older brother or sister outgrow those jeans or shorts, we inherited them in our clothes drawer. You may have enjoyed wearing “new-to-you” apparel? At times you may have resented having to wear ill-fitting, second hand clothes. In either case, “hand-me-downs” in families we’re often a necessary and practical means of recycling.

This weekend at Journey Community Christian Church we wrap up our summer series, THE BUCKET LIST, things to do before we die. The final message is describing our LEGACY we plan to “hand-down,” so to speak to our children and loved ones. I am not sure if you have given much thought lately, but this is pretty important to prepare, sooner than later.

There are key questions we all must consider. What will we leave behind for our children? What will each child receive? What are we handing down to family and friends even now? Where we have invested our life really matters. Our goals that we are constantly pursuing really matter, as well. In a similar way, things we believe are essential when we are gone become critical in our planning for the future.

In this final message we will take a look once again in the Bible for answers to life’s important questions and concerns. We know plenty of people who unfortunately have wasted opportunities in vain pursuits, going nowhere. How might all of us avoid similar mistakes with our time, talent, and resources acquired in this lifetime?

If a helpful Biblical discussion regarding investments of our life and resources interests you, I promise, this message will provide relevant insight from God’s Word. I invite you to build into your busy weekend schedule an opportunity to join us in-person or online for Journey Sat@6pm/Sun@10:30am.

Before we “kick the bucket” we can discover and identify the things we care deeply about? We probably all agree there should be more to life than punching the time clock and paying bills, year after year. What if we clarified a clear picture and plan from God for the rest of our days remaining on earth?

If this topic seems helpful for someone you know, give them a personal invite. Who knows, it could change everything for them also. This may be the perfect time for you to be a friend. Just like families who learn helpful practices for recycling clothing for the good of the whole family, sharing Bible insights with others can be a game winner for everyone.

We are better together. Let’s do this. Let me know if you have been considering baptism by immersion as your personal choice to make. We are ready for you when you are ready to complete your faith in God decision.

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