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Help! I Need a Miracle!

If you have already been to Walmart looking for your Thanksgiving turkey, all I can say, “Good luck, sister!” That turkey I saw in the case looked like a small chicken. Or maybe you thought you would get a head start and begin your Christmas shopping before Halloween? How is that going? Amazon is already behind finding enough delivery drivers to get packages down your chimney in time. “Amazon announced Monday it is hiring 150,000 seasonal employees to assist with a surge of demand tied to the holiday shopping rush.”

It will take a miracle for the 2021 Thanksgiving food and Christmas gifts to all show up on time. With that in mind Journey Community Christian Church is beginning our holiday season with a NEW series (6 weeks) titled MIRACLES of Jesus. We will be taking a look at some of the miracles Jesus performed during His earthly ministry with the disciples.

If you are feeling like you may need a miracle to finish out the holidays, on days even Amazon can’t deliver, this series is for you. We will explore the classic passages of the Gospels found in Mark and John where people turn to Jesus when nothing else will work!

Week one we consider Jesus calms a storm on the sea. Week two we find Jesus helps us grow our faith deeper, when doubts creep in. Week three Jesus cures our worst hardships and handicaps, bringing hope again. Week four Jesus even conquers death, nothing is impossible. Week five Jesus settles our hearts when unmet expectations appear, but always in His own timing. Week six Jesus helps us renew our purpose and goals of life, when we can’t see it.

As we say often at Journey, “Jesus changes everything.” We INVITE you to schedule your weekend to join us for this series. Even better bring a seat buddy and help them find peace of mind during holidays in their own search for miracles each day. Journey considers everyone a friend. This is a place most people enjoy and want to return.

We have two times for you to choose from for joining us each weekend. Our volunteers go the extra mile to help us reach more people, people who don’t go to church anywhere. If you know people or meet a person looking for something from the Bible which is relevant and helpful in their life, give them the INVITE to check things out.

See you THIS weekend either in person or online. Journey Sat@6pm and Journey Sun@10:30am. Oh, don’t forget to set your clock BACK an hour Saturday at midnight. Grab an extra hour to snooze before you arrive to JOIN US at Journey Church Cynthiana.

We are truly better together. We have many Jesus stories of miracles in someone’s life almost every week. YOU could be next.

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