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Hopeful, Come What May

Happy and hopeful 2023 to everyone, everywhere. After surviving, extreme, sub-zero, Siberian winter weather for Christmas 2022 things can only get better, right? New Year 2023 celebrations surely do warm up where we live. Weather forecast for Kentucky have New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day near 60 degrees. Amazing turnaround from minus 30 wind chill during Christmas.

If you are ready for some positivity in the New Year join us for a five week series beginning New Years weekend, LET HOPE IN . This may be the best start ever for your 2023 New Year plans. A New Year 2023 brings a lot of promise to everyone. People want to be hopeful about the future. Passion, fun, and excitement are possible for all of us.

A New Year is often like a clean slate where we work each day. We imagine the possibility of a better job, better pay, and better hours. Others are hoping to enrich their relationships with family, friends and people they love. Maybe you are desiring everything can all come together this year for you; having a stronger sense of purpose in life.

If this sounds like some of thoughts you have been having about 2023, join us this weekend at Journey Church Cynthiana. Check out this New Year series with Bible principles to guide our thinking and thoughts throughout the year. Here is just a little teaser question of that first episode this weekend: DO YOU LIKE WHO YOU ARE BECOMING?

You and I are hard-wired humans that replay stuff over and over. One of the reasons it is so hard to begin exercise, eating healthy meals and losing weight in the New Year is that our old habits betray us; they are often hard to break. We’ve inherited family history as well as our own patterns which sometimes under-perform our expectations for the New Year.

We are better together. That is a good reason to begin those gym memberships with a friend who will help us stick-to-it for longer periods getting better results. Our Spiritual life is similar; our chances for success (consistency & transformative life) improves dramatically when families worship together. This would be a great series for everyone in the family to sign up for in the New Year.

Let’s do this together. 2023 - Hopeful, Come What May… Journey Church Cynthiana Sat@6pm/Sun@10:30am. In person and online.

Happy New Year - 2023.

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