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HOW can I know Him?

Easter weekend is now less than two weeks away. Journey has placed yard signs in strategic locations around town. We are mailing personal invite cards to families we missed seeing in-person. We’ve provided a digital scavenger hunt for local families who are concerned about gathering in-person to have a fun Easter week family activity.

Journey leaders are praying each day for Easter 2021 to be a huge win for God and Churches everywhere this year. Journey Community Christian Church experienced our first baptism post COVID19 last Sunday. This was an amazing moment and exciting time concluding our Journey Sunday in-person gathering.

We would love to help you get your Jesus story started or restarted. If you have never made a personal decision for baptism let us help schedule yours for anytime your are ready? How about Easter 2021?

Last weekend we answered the important question: WHO is Jesus and how would knowing Him personally really change my life? This weekend at Journey Church we will answer the question: HOW would I get connected with Him if I wanted to? In this lesson we’ll explore the kind things which are important for every person to consider when making a Jesus decision.

We truly are better together and this episode with our pre-Easter message will clarify key information about Jesus before Easter 2021 for everyone. I hope you will join us Journey Sat@6pm or Sun@10:30am in-person or online. Investing your time, talent, and treasure with God is the best thing you could ever do with your life.

If this is a new way to think about life for you, it’s OK, just try it. Come, join inside or online and check things out. We promise if you find us boring or irrelevant, you don’t have to return. We can tell you most people who come here three times, do like what they find, and return for more.

We like to say that Journey Church is a contagious place to be infected with kindness and generosity for God and people. Our mission to help new people know God is for them, not against them, is extremely compelling. Most people who arrive will find Journey Church a place they could feel like family and a place to belong and share.

So, hey, if your schedule has some wiggle room this weekend come a little early; even BEFORE Easter weekend. YOU can be our guest and give us a try. We will do our best to make you feel welcome and right at home inside and online Journey Church. More Jesus…. that’s a good call ten days before Easter.

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