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How do you see it?

Finally we can agree upon something. Whatever corner of the globe we might get our mail delivered, there is agreement, 2020 has been different! With continued concerns regarding COVID 19 spread during the holidays, people are still anxious. In the same news cycle medical experts are applauding a miraculous vaccine produced in record time.

It is so weird that almost every issue can appear to be devise when reported with a certain tone. Maybe it is destined; being human, we will have strong opinions and ideas which often clash. Many of the mistakes I have made in mixed communication with my wife were created by poor timing and tone on my part.

I have learned by trial and error, 6:30 am is not the premium part of the day for asking my wife where are my clean underwear; just saying. Once we master a language skill, whatever dialect it may be, we are then, just regular people trying to communicate. It sounds simple enough but I still find it very complex.

Today, as I am preparing messages for the weekend and also looking ahead to Christmas 2020 a lot is on my mind. How is a person who is a public speaker/teacher ever going to unite an audience, whatever the size? Whether people arrive in person or online, how might we walk away feeling better about things in the world?

I am just being frank and honest as I can be. Long before COVID19 arrived in the 2020 world friends, families, nations, and the whole world struggled to agree. After months and months of COVID19 fatigue, this is beginning to feel like, “Elvis has left the building.” What would you say, to help others, if you were me?

Here’s all I got. I hope it soothes, rather than scratches your throat. This weekend at Journey Community Christian Church, in an obscure little Kentucky town location, next to Auto Zone in a shopping center, I will share with a tiny hand full of people this message: God loves them!

That’s it. What do you think?

When people fight and argue with each other, will this be enough? When marriages end and people grow angrier, will this matter? When loved ones gather at parking lots of hospitals waiting for news from inside? Will these these three little words help? Will it be enough when they meet at a graveside?

Call me an optimist. Call me a believer. I am a Christian. I am both. This is what Christmas EVERY day is all about. I think Jesus birth, life, death, and and resurrection changes everything. Even a pandemic world which has been fighting a deadly virus.

This is all I got. If you want to hear more of the outline join in person or online. Journey Sat@6pm/Sun@10:30am. I will filter in a few personal stories and scriptures from Galatians in the Bible.

WE can all be FREE AGAIN. Fighting and falling is not fatal. Jesus says so.

God loves you! John 3:16

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