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In-fi-nite/adjective: “limitless or endless in space, extent, or size; impossible to measure or calculate.”

Think bigger, way bigger and larger than life. That is our Creator God of the Bible who gives infinite mercy and forgiveness. When it comes to knowing God in a personal way, remember this: God has an unlimited ceiling. No one else, nothing else can boast of this irrefutable fact: The One true God can do anything, anything!

Here’s a modern day contrast to our omnipotent, infinite, Creator God. This week Facebook lost several billion dollars in revenue when servers shut down, inoperable for several hours. All the money in the world could not prevent the media giant from crashing. Nothing in this world and universe is truly, “infinite” in scope except Jehovah God in the Bible. Even big tech servers have limits.

Our fall message series, VITAL CHURCH continues this weekend at Journey Community Christian Church. Help other people realize just how VITAL Jesus Church is on our world each day. INVITE a Journey guest and sit with them, show them around. Use your Journey influence and leverage and invite for this weekend.

Tell someone we are exploring the tiny book of Titus which has 3 chapters and 896 words. Even though a small section with few pages in the Bible, it is loaded with practical insight for today. Let someone know how excited you are to gather with others and review how unlimited GOD really is EVERY DAY.

Connie and I are making final preparations to travel to Vancouver this weekend. We have planned for months to visit our son, his wife and two grandkids. We haven’t seen them for two years since COVID travel restrictions and borders closed between Canada and the USA. Pray for our continued health and safety as we reunite for a few days of celebration. The timing of this trip will let us celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving with them. God is good.

Bryan will be speaking for me this weekend from Titus 2:15. Come and show him your support. Doug is our elder on duty this weekend at Journey if you need any prayers or support for your family, look for Doug in the Journey building. We are a small team but always very focused to help others.

Continue to pray for each other. Everyone has a story of life challenges and setbacks. God is bigger.

Keep thinking bigger stuff, larger stuff, think God stuff. Only God is never down, offline in the forever universe. Trust me, God is way more than the internet or “Buzz Lightyear” the Disney character from Toy Story. God is truly infinity and beyond; more than anything we can know.

Think bigger and help others do the same; make a larger impact in this world. The moment is NOW for Jesus Church to be VITAL.

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