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Insufficient Funds

In the banking world when we’ve overdrawn our checking account a customer notification is immediately prompted. If we have a savings account our overdraft in the checking account can be brought back into balance by the savings account. When there are no savings available to balance the “bad check” our checking account is frozen until the overdraft, often, with penalties is corrected.

We are living in a period of time when emotions are strained in our world. People have smaller margins in their emotional checking accounts. Little things which used to only annoy us, now become major setbacks. Daily news of disruptions in the supply chain for nearly every product on the shelf and higher inflation costs for major consumer goods can deplete our reserves for being “nicer people.”

Who hasn’t heard about or witnessed emotional outbursts by frustrated travelers on planes, trains, and automobiles. People at times have run out of patience waiting for things to improve. This tension in our world today is similar to running out of money in our checking accounts. Yikes!

If you are ready for a relevant message with positivity, join us this weekend at Journey Church Cynthiana. We wrap up the current series, WHY? WHY NOT? Before you find yourself storming out of a room, shouting, “I’m done,” check out some more transformational life changing words in the Bible.

This weekend we discover that when we’re our weakest, we can actually become our strongest. We check out some of the Apostle Paul’s most famous words in the Bible. This weekend we look in the Bible to find other people, just like us. Sometimes life is so disturbing and confusing we are not being our best version in life. The Apostle Paul admits he had some weaknesses; everyone does.

Let’s be honest. Struggles take on many different shapes. Temptations, insecurity, battles with confidence, emotional outbursts, discouragement and anxiety which seem to control us are common to most people. We are not Jesus. Nobody gets it right all the time.

If you are ready for a little emotional support, check things out this weekend. Journey Church Saturday@6pm or Sun@10:30am. Bring a seat buddy for another SOS (Scoot Over Seat) weekend AFTER Easter full house. Wow God! Let’s do it again!

It’s not over. It’s never too late. Jesus is always turning things around. Jesus is Risen. Jesus changes everything. Our weakest moment, when Jesus takes over becomes our strongest! Go God! Do it again.

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