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Whatever worked for you yesterday, may not work today. One of the biggest hardships right now during COVID19 concerns is finding traction and momentum forward. Every time a plan is in place for action, another pivot is required.

When I was a kid living on the farm, our country roads were nearly impassible during winter months. In those days, travel was at the mercy of the wintry weather. Before road crews with snow plows and modern four wheel drive vehicles arrived, tire chains were the only way through drifting snow.

2020 has felt like the longest winter, which never wants to go away. Everything we once navigated freely and smoothly, over clear roads in life, have now become more complicated. So many normal affairs of life have been put on hold for fear of public health risks to others.

Everyone in the world is ready for a ray of sunshine and the prospect of better days ahead. This weekend at Journey Community Christian Church we explore the Bible series, FREE, for some helpful and relevant words to encourage and inspire one another. Just when things feel like we’re stuck in a ditch along some lonely road, God is there for the rescue.

Sometimes we just need a little reminder; we’re not alone. God is with us through all kinds of unpredictable weather. We are better together. If you are feeling a bit exhausted with the never-ending unknowns, grab a seat this weekend at Journey Church.

We have been meeting in person since early May; small crowds and 6 feet apart. We are doing our best to mitigate health concerns for families who continue to arrive. If you still have concerns about being inside the Journey building, it’s ok. You can join us online Saturday or Sunday. Check things out, either Journey Sat@6pm or Sun@10:30am. We are a digital church family on FB livestream and our Journey Church Cynthiana website.

Growing, moving forward, and finding traction in a pandemic world is hard, but not impossible. We have plenty of wisdom words to follow in the Bible for times like these. If you are ready for some positive words our weekend lesson from Galatians 4:1-7 in the Bible may be just what you are needing before Christmas 2020.

If you have a few moments to join us, either in person or online, we promise not to be boring and irrelevant. Most people from all kinds of backgrounds who have given us their feedback, tell us, “They had a great experience; we’re coming back again!”

Feeling stuck? Have your plans been interrupted? Let us help! Journey is the kind of place that would do almost anything, to make your day better tomorrow, than it was today.

See you soon. In person or online. God is good… He really is for everyone.

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