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It's a Blur

As I write these words tonight, I am traveling. There are plenty of ways to travel these days. You can fly if you have to be there quicker than driving. And if you enjoy the outdoors, you may just want to walk a couple blocks to your favorite coffee spot each morning.

One thing about traveling - every traveler needs to read and understand a few helpful road signs; even Siri gets mixed up and turned around now and then. This weekend at Journey, we return to some of Jesus' words in the Bible. Mark chapter eight has quite a few things regarding critical signs that God would like share with everyone.

Another thing about traveling - when you’re whizzing down the highway rather quickly or running through an airport, many of those signs are just a blur. We can easily miss some important information. That’s usually the moment when Siri begins to say, “recalculating!” She tries to get us turned around as quickly as possible, heading in the proper direction.

That’s pretty much what God is constantly trying to do for us. He’s not especially mad at us for anything in particular. We just have a really bad habit of getting all turned around. No wonder Jesus Himself described us as sheep without a shepherd. We all tend to wander around a bit each day. We need directional help that Siri can’t provide.

I hope you can join us this weekend at one of our Journey services. I promise, as always, to make everything as clear and simple as possible. This is not intended to be complicated - like putting together a house without a blueprint. God is for us and not against us. He just tries to help everyone each day with some directional advice.

And like sheep, we’re not always eager to fall in line and listen to the One who really cares about how things turn out each day. If you are feeling a little lost right now in your personal life, or maybe you are going so fast it feels like a blur, I am certain there is something in this Jesus lesson that can help give some guidance.

Why not share an invite with a friend? They could thank you for it later. Especially if you save them some extra steps or miles going in the wrong direction. Hope to see you this weekend!

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