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It's Therapeutic

My wife came into the kitchen this morning and began to smile. It was early and she never smiles early in the morning; not before she has her morning tea. I’m sure you want to know what happened? For Mother’s Day our oldest daughter (Heather) gave Connie a fancy box with tea crystals. When I tell you about the gift you will understand WHY my wife was smiling early in the morning.

No longer does she have to wait for her cup of morning tea. No more tea bag steeping in hot water for several minutes. She has a fancy electric tea kettle which heats the water in just a few seconds. And now she can pour her tea crystals in the hot water; almost instantly her tea is brewed to perfection. What will they think of next!

Oh, and I forgot to mention when you open the lid of the fancy box that has artwork on the outside the tea box begins to play soothing music. I’m not kidding, you get instant organic tea crystals from a beautiful box which plays soft morning music. What a way to begin your day! Smiles all around!

This weekend at Journey Church we continue our current series, ELEMENTS, as we discover WHY we do… WHAT we do… every week in worship! TURNS OUT there really is a good reason for why we take communion each week and take up an offering every time. If you missed those two lessons they are always available on our website and Journey Church Cynthiana FB page.

In part three we will discover why we always sing in our worship services and gathering times. Is there a good reason we do this stuff, or is it just a tradition? When you explore the Bible it turns out singing is very therapeutic for our souls. Something like Connie feeling relaxed, warm inside while having morning tea with music in the background.

For some people SINGING in worship is something to endure; like eating carrots or peas. If you’re not much on fresh vegetables and a garden salad then you would skip the carrots and peas. Maybe some people skip the singing in worship because they didn’t know the words or can’t carry a tune very well.

I’ve got great news for all the non-singers out there. This weekend I’ll share a couple lines right out of the Bible for helping everyone take a stab at finding a tune or clapping their hands a little. Turns out God really likes to hear us make nearly any sort of sound when giving our praise to Him.

Singing can be therapeutic; and it makes God smile. (Like my wife in the morning with her tea crystals and box which plays music). Even if you don’t love singing, God really loves to hear you sing! Singing is just one of the many ways we let God know we love Him.

Join us this weekend Journey Sat@6pm or Sun@10:30am. Bring a seat buddy and let them be our guest. I promise we will make them feel like they have found a home. If they are a little uncertain just say, this is a place most people want to come back for more.

Check us out and learn more of the story behind our SINGING in worship services and gatherings. Just think of SINGING as good vibes and great therapy !

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