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Just Get Started

Maybe the most important thing for all of us today; just begin something good. Every day, for years, I have driven past a dilapidated house on the corner of a busy city street. The home has been in such disrepair for so long; broken windows and leaky roof was causing the home to come apart. Now, new life is being given to the original footprint of the home.

A demo crew and construction crew of carpenters has taken on the project of taking down the deterioration on the property. Now, it has new windows, doors, roof and quickly taking shape as a promising home for a new buyer. It is an amazing make-over which is going quickly, after years of negligence. A terrible eyesore for everyone in the community is now well on the way to being transformed into a livable home again.

In real estate “make-overs” someone has a vision for the potential of what a home can be! A neglected piece of property becomes an attractive feature in the neighborhood. Just as miracles are possible in real estate, so are people able to have their own “make-over” moment because of Jesus. Never give up on your lifelong dreams; your story can be something fresh and beautiful. People in every neighborhood can find new hope and promise in something better. We all have a world of possibility and it is never too late to get things started. You can shine again like new windows on a front porch. Jesus says so.

Here’s another thing to remember. You and I who have experienced our “make-over” moment, because of Jesus, should now help others do the same. We can lead and encourage people to get started with needed improvements. Roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty helping a “neighbor” clean things, sort things, discard things, in order to begin building new things.

We are better together like a row of neighborhood homes in a cul-de-sac. Some lives may resemble houses in shambles with run-down property. Don’t despair, tell others it’s not over. Jesus will help us do the hard work of clean up and demo if needed. Whatever hurdle seems impossible right now, let me share a couple lines from a KLOVE song, “RATTLE,” by Elevation Worship. But since when has impossibleEver stopped You!” & “You’re not gonna run outa of miracles anytime soon!”

If this sounds like the sort of positive message you need to hear, try to save a little time in your busy weekend schedule. We have two Journey worship gathering options for you to consider. Journey Sat@6pm & Sun@10:30am. If you live locally join us in person or digital online. If you are out of town you can watch our FB livestream both Sat@6/Sun@10:30am. You can also catch the recorded version on our Journey Church Cynthiana website.

This could be a perfect time to begin cleaning up some messy clutter and repair damages from damaging storms in our personal life. Our latest fall series, Vital Church taken from the Bible (Titus) has helpful, relevant words to inspire. We can be more... more than we ever dreamed possible.

Let’s do this. Cleaning things up and sorting things out, helping one another shine more brightly each day in the neighborhood. We are better together. Let’s get started this weekend at Journey Church.

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