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Keeping Dreams Alive

This has been a weird 18 months in the world. Whatever was planned for 2020 very likely had to be rescheduled and dramatically reduced in size. Public graduations, weddings, funerals, class reunions, and other traditional in person events were completely cancelled or held with smaller venues and virtual attendance options. COVID19 health concerns reshaped many of our dreams. Everyone lost something in 2020.

When a crisis or global health pandemic arrives unexpectedly people move into a survival mode. During these moments many of our dreams may weaken, some even die. This weekend at Journey Community Christian Church we continue the current series, God did WHAT? Once more we discover that God will do almost anything to grow a healthy relationship with each of us.

From the Bible (I Kings 19:1-15) we take a look at Elijah, a Prophet who was having second thoughts about his ability to represent God and His mission as a leader in the world around him. This past COVID19 year presented numerous challenges for families, teachers, students, businesses, medical teams, church staff, leaders and regular people everywhere. Maybe you, were like me, (and like Elijah) rediscovering emotional and spiritual support by leaning in, listening closely to God in the Bible each day. Go God!

Elijah was struggling with a will to survive and keep his dreams alive. He had nearly given up on himself because of constant discouragement from his enemies. He even asked God to let him die. We are all just people and sometimes the weight we carry is too much. We may know and even describe to others a healthy lifestyle which is thriving each day; it’s much more difficult to be thriving ourselves.

Why is that? The simple answer, we’re not God. We have moments of self-doubt; cracks begin to appear in our armor during crisis. When this happens our flaws appear larger; more pronounced. We begin to wilt in confidence and feel defeated by it all.

This human scenario can place us in a deadly tailspin, spiraling out of control; dreams appear unreachable. This happens to the best of us. Elijah in the Bible and his recovery brings us renewed hope. Set aside a little time in your weekend schedule to join us in person or online. We always offer two options for you to choose from: Journey Sat@6pm and Sun@10:30am.

This softer, consoling side of God and His love for people who sometimes struggle can really be a boost for you this weekend. Invite a guest to join us also. Tell them GOD IS BIGGER… than our problems! He promises to help keep our dreams alive!

P.S - If you haven’t made daily reading from the Bible a part of your post COVID routine, give it try. Just five minutes can help a lot.

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