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Kinder Words

I just had a brief conversation with a Journey family at our front door. They had stopped by the office to leave their regular tithe offering. I thanked them for being regular and consistent sharing resources even when they have missed in person attendance. I assured them their sacrifice and commitment was huge for God’s mission in our community.

Before leaving, they inquired, “How was our family doing?” They were very sincere and caring, pausing to share kind thoughts. A funny sort of thing occurred to me as this family was departing. Because they asked about things which really mattered to me, I felt comforted by this simple action.

Of all the things we might do each day, briefly pausing with others, listening to their personal story of life, may be the most significant moment in our day. It’s nice to be nice and sometimes all we need to do is inquire how someone is doing; then leaning in and listening without rushing out the door.

How are you doing? Really, I would love to just connect with YOU for a few minutes. Maybe we can FaceTime or have a Zoom call just to check in with each other. Maybe you would prefer to make a phone call? This weekend at Journey Community Christian Church our current series, THE BUCKET LIST, describes the process of following Jesus example of faith with baptism by immersion.

We would love to help you make a Jesus decision this weekend for baptism. I am convinced just a few minutes together, discussing the Bible passages on this important topic might be helpful in your consideration. Jesus really is for everybody. The Bible, even though complex, is also quite simple.

“God loves you,” as evangelist Billy Graham said for years to stadium crowds around the world. People just like us responded by the thousands and thousands, year after year. Kinder and truer words have never been spoken: GOD LOVES YOU! (John 3:16).

When we realize we are loved by someone a response is needed on our part to deepen the relationship even further. God loves you and you love God. Following initial steps of hearing the Gospel message (1 Corinthians 15:1-4), believing the Good News (Jesus died for you), repenting of sins (turn-around moment), confessing our faith in God, an action called baptism by immersion is our next step.

Let’s talk about it. Call, text, or come by in person. Let me know if I can help. God loves YOU! Join us in person or online JOURNEY Sat@6pm/Sun@10:30am for THE BUCKET LIST

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