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Knowing God

The KLOVE song lyrics on the radio just now encouraged me a bit. Everyone has a story we are all busy trying our best to make things better. Some days are harder than others. On our worst days only God is enough. Here are the words to the song I just heard playing in the car.

I woke up with a broken heart in my chest

I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t get no rest

Weighed down by the heaviness of life

And I, try to shake it flipping through my phone

But all it does is make me feel more alone

How could anything that feels so wrong be right?

Seven billion voices separate us

But only one can show us who we are

We are made

Made in the image of

Made in the image of God

“Image of God,” We are Messengers - KLOVE

This weekend at Journey Community Christian Church we share part three from our current series, REFRESH. This weekend from our study in Philippians we’ll discover another helpful, supportive and relevant lesson for better mental health.

Knowing God in a personal relationship is much different than knowing about God. We are are all just people. Everyone has struggles and the ultimate mental health physician turns out to be God, who loves us most. Let us be your friend this weekend at Journey as we share encouraging music, images on screen, and message from the Bible.

Join us either Sat@6pm or Sun@10:30am for a few more notes at Journey Community Christian Church. Invite a friend to try a place where everyone can feel welcome and find support. Join us either in person or online. I promise you will find more confidence, positivity and purpose for life’s biggest struggles. We are better together.

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