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Let Go...

The week between Christmas and New Year is a terrific time to begin cleaning out and clearing up some clutter. With new gifts under the tree comes the opportunity to downsize things still hanging in the closet unwanted or never used. If you are like most people though, it won’t be easy; it’s pretty hard to know what should go and what should stay.

This very last weekend of worship 2017 at Journey we’ll share another practical and relevant lesson from the Bible. Christmas weekend we shared that Christmas was the best night ever. It was the night the best gift ever came into the world; His Name is Jesus. The angel (Mt 1:23 NLT) told Joseph and Mary their baby would be called, “Immanuel,” which means in Hebrew “God is with us.”

Jesus came into our world to save us all from our sins (Mt 1:21 MSG). It truly was the best night ever. A brand new year is only a few days away now. Maybe this is your chance to streamline what’s really needed and necessary. We can all purge a little and let some things go.

A New Year is the ideal time for us to refresh and start over on some projects still uncompleted. It can also be the perfect time to close the book on some emotional pains and disappointments that occurred during the year. If you are ready to move on to a better New Year God has promised to give you guidance and healing in the days ahead.

Christmas can be the season FOR giving gifts; but also the season when FORGIVING others who hurt us is possible. This weekend we’ll share a few thoughts that may help in getting your year started in a positive way. Join us for worship in one of our final services of 2017. Why not INVITE a guest who has had particular challenges from personal events this year.

This can be our chance to look in the mirror and say, “Let it go.”

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