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Link Up

Nobody is a whole chain, each one of us is a single link in the chain. But take away one single link and the chain is broken. We are better together; everyone realizes this instinctively. Nobody is a whole team, each one is a player on the team. But take away just one player and the game may have to be forfeited. We know this stuff already.

Nobody is a whole hospital, each nurse is a part of the medical staff. But take away just one person and it won’t be long until all the patients can tell. This is a universal truth everyone can agree upon. People, like cars, are composed of numerous parts. Each part is connected to, even dependent upon, other parts of the car. In a world of covid concerns and political chaos we need one another to function correctly.

Common sense tells us if we let a few screws work loose and fall out from the engine, big trouble lies ahead. Our luxury SUV may suddenly glide to stop beside some dark and lonely roadway. The Bible explains and we know instinctively, like a chain, needing each link, needing every screw and bolt, for life to work best, we have to admit we need each other. This is the message worth repeating in 2021.

We are all better together, leaning on, supporting each other, networking like a family to solve our biggest life problems. Author, Frank Peretti wrote: “People of like interests tend to clump together. Once they get networked they start working together. And that gives them a lot of clout they didn’t have before.”

Just like Nascar fans, or Gamers on the internet, football fans and tailgaters, the Church Jesus started is best when people network, partner, share, collaborate, and belong. At Journey Community Christian Church our sweet spot, when we “link up” best, is on mission together, when helping one another be good neighbors to everyone.

Join us this weekend at Journey Church in Cynthiana, in-person and online. We are winding down our winter series, FREE. Jesus came to set us free from fear and doubt. This weekend from Galatians 6:1-10 in the Bible we’ll share two suggestions for more effective partnerships in families and the world.

If you’ve got 30 minutes to hop online or jump inside this may be the boost you’ve really needed this week. Every family, church, club or organization is stronger and healthier, more effective when cooperating together. It can be like a chain reaction; a really good one. Join us Journey Sat@6pm or Sun@10:30am. Grab a Bible and take a few notes. This really works. We know this instinctively.

We are better together.

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