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Love, Liberty & Life

The Bible has something for everybody. Have you read it lately? Journey Community Christian Church uses the Bible as our final authority for all decisions. It is one of our core values. We are in a series from Galatians in the New Testament. This is a letter (book) written by the Apostle Paul following his missionary journeys.

We are consistently following safety guidelines, wiping everything down, chairs, tables, restrooms, doors and light switches, and plenty of hand sanitizer available. We are doing non-touch communion time and staying 6 feet apart when possible. When you are ready to join in person we are ready for you.

If you are still being cautious and remaining home our online FB live stream and website live stream is an option also. We have two audiences each weekend, both in person and online. We are better together however we can make this happen. God is helping all of us during different health risks in our community.

If you are thinking Church is still too risky we understand. I try to take a humorous side this weekend. Some of the typos and auto correct messages in church is too funny. I mention a few of the crazy, accidental things which happen on the way to church. Humor is somehow helpful when everything has changed so drastically in 2020.

In closing, give it try and join in person or listen on line. Tell other friends and family to check out Journey Church and this message on FREE. The positive take away WE find in the Journey weekend worship gathering helps us get through an uncertain week. Life has risks. We all learn to live by faith. God is with us. Jesus promises to be there, (Matthew 28:18-20) even 2020.

We are lucky to be alive if we didn’t roll out of bed and break our neck. Ha Just saying! See ya Journey weekend! God is good.

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